The Battery Caffè Podcast Series

Posted on: 19/05/2021

Welcome to our podcast series: The Battery Caffè. We understand that innovation is fast-paced and it is sometimes hard to stay up-to-date with the latest news in your sector. In order to make things easier for you, we have developed a series of short interviews with experts in batteries and supporting sectors. The interviews are only 10-15 minutes long, so you can listen during your coffee break or when you’re on the move.

The Βattery Caffè is created by the Cross-Sector Battery Systems Innovation Network, a community funded by KTN and the Faraday Battery Challenge. It aims to bring to the spotlight a diverse range of battery related topics and is inspired by work that KTN is doing behind the scenes.

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EPISODE 1 | Investment in Batteries

In the first episode, we discuss the major challenges for companies seeking investment in this area, explore which other sectors companies can look at and/or learn from and give some tips for companies seeking investment. Read more here.

Click here to read the transcript for episode 1.

EPISODE 2 | Battery recycling

In this episode, we discuss the importance of developing more sustainable battery end-of-life strategies and explore the role that data and battery monitoring could play in this journey. Read more here.

Click here to read the transcript for episode 2.

EPISODE 3 | Market trends for Solid State Batteries

In this 3rd episode of the Battery Caffè, Nikoleta Piperidou and Sheena Hindocha of KTN are exploring the market trends for solid state batteries together with two leading organisations in the space – Blue Solutions and Ilika. Listening to this podcast, you will learn how commercially viable solid state batteries are today and in which applications they are being used. You will also get an overview of the EU and global market trends, and understand the innovation needs for next generation batteries. Read more here.

Click here to read the transcript for episode 3.

EPISODE 4 | Electric Vehicle Fire Safety

With their special guests for this episode, Thomas Bartlett, Innovation Lead – Batteries at Innovate UK, and Jonathan Buston, Principal Scientist at the Health and Safety Executive, Nikoleta and Sheena attempt to determine the electric vehicle fire safety challenges and the key issues that need to be addressed. They also explore what causes a battery cell to fail and what happens to the battery of an electric vehicle after a car crash. Read more here.

Click here to read the transcript for episode 4.

EPISODE 5 | Batteries for Off-Highway vehicles

In this episode, you will get an overview of some of the challenges associated with the decarbonisation of off-highway vehicles, discover some of the potential solutions that can be adopted including the role of batteries and what are the limitations for their adoption. Our guests are Steve Abbott, Business Development Manager at Hyperdrive, and Jon Regnart, Automotive Trend Strategist at the Advanced Propulsion Centre. Read more here.

Click here to read the transcript for episode 5.

EPISODE 6 | Quantum for Batteries

The Battery Caffè is back and better than ever. We discuss how advancements in quantum technologies can enable the development of innovative battery applications that will benefit all consumers, and future commercial quantum and battery projects. Hosted by Nikoleta Piperidou with Dr Najwa Sidqi, Quantum Technologies Knowledge Transfer Manager at Innovate UK KTN, joined by special guests Hallam Davies, Senior Electrochemist at AMTE power & Michal Krompiec, Scientific Project Manager at Quantinuum. Read more here.

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EPISODE 7 | Advanced Materials for Batteries

This episode centres around the advantages of having graphene and nanomaterials in batteries, the most exciting commercial opportunities in the future, and the technological challenges of using these advanced materials. Nikoleta Piperidou and Neelam Mughal from Innovate UK KTN were joined by James Baker, CEO at Graphene@Manchester. Read more here.

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EPISODE 8 | The UK battery investment landscape

This episode focuses on the funding landscape and specifically discusses opportunities and challenges within the UK battery ecosystem. We also discuss the insights and findings from the Electric Vehicle Battery Tech in the UK 2022 report. Nikoleta Piperidou and Jordan Fletcher from Innovate UK KTN are joined by Jim Totty, Managing Partner at Virdis Capital and Ian Whiting, Commercial Director at the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC).

Click here to read the episode 8 transcript.

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This episode focuses on different chemistries for anodes and the challenges of scaling up manufacturing. Debra Jones and Juan Maria Gonzalez Carballo from Innovate UK KTN are joined by special guest Alex Groombridge, Chief Technology Officer & Cofounder at Echion Technologies, to talk about the UK’s battery anode and cathode capabilities, the desired properties of these materials and the production as well as commercialisation of this emerging technology to supply anode grade niobium oxides.

Click here to read the episode 9 transcript.

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This episode focuses on critical minerals in the battery supply chain and is hosted by Nikoleta Piperidou, Cross-Sector Battery Systems Innovation Network Lead at Innovate UK KTN and Dr Sheena Hindocha, Knowledge Transfer Manager for Materials Chemistry at Innovate UK KTN with special guest Olimpia Pilch, International Partnerships and Business Manager at Critical Minerals Association United Kingdom (CMA UK).

Click here to read the episode 10 transcript.

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