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Innovate UK Innovation Exchange (iX) fast-tracks knowledge transfer nationwide by matching industry challenges with trailblazing companies across different sectors. Our network accelerates innovation through connection and collaboration.

Knowledge exchange is the key to transformative innovation

Through our extensive and diverse network, our sector experts act as a matchmaker, facilitating the transfer of innovative solutions. We bridge the gap between the challenges faced by industry and the trailblazing companies and innovators already innovating towards solutions.

Our secret? A distinctive cross-sector capability that taps into the power of collaboration, offering unique technical solutions sourced from a variety of industries beyond your usual sector supply chains.

Discover the gateway to resolving real technical challenges

  • Exclusive access to a vast network of solution providers;
  • The power to execute projects swiftly and seamlessly;
  • A personalised, transparent filtering service that consistently delivers real and impactful results.

Explore the potential benefits of cross-sector collaborations

Our past projects to delve into the challenges faced by the holders and get a better understanding of our tailored process, connecting them with solution providers, and the great impact generated.

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Challenges delivered

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Business collaborations

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Applicants supported

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Contracts generated

You are a challenge holder

You are a challenge holder

You’ll access solutions for your challenges from beyond your current reach, tapping into a new provider network, and enabling faster, more efficient project deliveries through a customised and transparent selection process.

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You are a potential solution provider

You’ll gain access to new markets and specialised expertise, enabling faster market entry or new collaborations elevating the visibility of your innovation, nurturing a strong brand reputation, and driving increased revenue streams.

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Funding opportunities

Open Innovation Challenge: Next-generation digital learning tools for community health workers
AMREF Health Africa is looking to transform its digital learning tools for community health workers, using next-generation technologies.
26 days left to apply
Innovation Exchange challenge: Safely making probe holes for subterranean gas inspection
Cadent seek alternative approaches to forming small holes in hard footpath and roads, to enable potential underground gas leaks to be located.
19 days left to apply
Innovation Exchange challenge: Innovations to Produce Sustainable, Biobased MDA for the Manufacture of PEEK
Victrex is seeking innovative solutions to produce sustainable biobased MDA (4,4’-methylene dianiline), a precursor in the PEEK manufacturing process.
19 days left to apply
Innovation Exchange challenge: Test Means for Electrical Machines in Aircraft Hybrid Propulsion
Safran seeks to document and expand the available testing for hybrid aircraft propulsion technologies in the UK.
5 days left to apply

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Innovation Exchange (iX) is an exclusive Innovate UK programme designed to connect businesses with cutting-edge solutions to their challenges, delivered at an accelerated pace.

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