Battery Caffè Podcast Episode 4: Electric Vehicle Fire Safety

Posted on: 19/07/2021
Battery panels, EV car batteries

In this 4th episode of the Battery Caffè, Nikoleta Piperidou and Sheena Hindocha from KTN focus on electric vehicle fire safety - a broad topic of interest for sector specialists as well as the wider public.

With their special guests for this episode, Thomas Bartlett, Innovation Lead – Batteries at Innovate UK, and Jonathan Buston, Principal Scientist at the Health and Safety Executive, Nikoleta and Sheena attempt to determine the electric vehicle fire safety challenges and the key issues that need to be addressed. They also explore what causes a battery cell to fail and what happens to the battery of an electric vehicle after a car crash.


Thomas Bartlett, Innovation Lead – Batteries at Innovate UK

Jonathan Buston, Principal Scientist at Health and Safety Executive [HSE]


Sheena Hindocha | Knowledge Transfer Manager – Materials Chemistry at KTN

Nikoleta Piperidou | Knowledge Transfer Manager – Energy & Infrastructure / Lead Cross-Sector Battery Systems Innovation Network at KTN

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Read the transcript here.

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