Battery Caffè Podcast Episode 9: Anodes

Posted on: 17/04/2023

The Battery Caffè is an initiative of the Cross-Sector Battery Systems Innovation Network, a community funded by Innovate UK KTN and the Faraday Battery Challenge. This Innovation Network aims to open new markets for the battery industry, promote innovation in batteries & help decarbonise a wide range of end-users. If you haven’t already, please go check out our online UK Batteries Networking Hub platform.

This podcast episode is hosted by Debra Jones and Juan Maria Gonzalez Carballo who are both Chemistry Knowledge Transfer Managers at Innovate UK KTN with special guest Alex Groombridge, Chief Technology Officer & Cofounder at Echion Technologies.

This podcast discussion focuses on different chemistries for anodes and the challenges of scaling up manufacturing. Juan and Debra talk about the UK’s battery anode and cathode capabilities, the desired properties of these materials and the production as well as commercialisation of this emerging technology to supply anode grade niobium oxides.

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