Human-centred design is for businesses of any size who are interested in early-stage innovation strategy. For start-ups, strategic design helps get brilliant ideas to the right market. For established businesses, it helps reposition or expand their offering.

People make logical decisions in the pursuit of science, technology and commerce. People are also emotional beings, and those emotions can drive us far harder than reason. When business success is dependent on human behaviour to do the right thing, your business should seek support from human-centred designers.

By focusing on what people need, how people behave, what they aspire to, businesses can use these key insights to achieve greater success in the market.

The Design in Innovation team at Innovate UK Business Connect can help you whether you are:  

  • A designer looking for opportunities to engage with businesses on activities needing human-centred design support
  • A business wanting to understand how to deploy human-centred design in your business
  • A business wondering whether human-centred design might be a valuable capability to add into your R&D portfolio

Specifically you might want to:

  • Look for funding and opportunities to apply design in different sectors and industries
  • Find a designer with the right expertise to collaborate with and help your business develop
  • Get some quick insights about how companies are best utilising human centred design in their R&D

You can also keep up to date with news, funding and events across the Design sector by connecting with the Innovate UK Business Connect Design Foundations group on LinkedIn.

Our current focus in this area

Empowering innovators to drive positive change through the power of design.

Design Foundations is aimed at helping businesses engage with customers, users, or wider stakeholders through early-stage, people and planet centred research to identify high-value innovation opportunities and generate more innovative products, services and business models.

Innovate UK Business Connect’s Innovation Canvas is designed to help you create value from innovation and identify the changes needed to make your idea succeed. It provides a framework for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a specific project, identifying the most urgent challenges to overcome, and prioritising what action to take.

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Innovate UK innovation loans future economy: round 13

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UK registered businesses can apply for loans for innovative projects with strong commercial potential to significantly improve the UK economy.

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