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The UK is committed to spending a minimum 2% of GDP on defence over the next decade, and at least 20% of that spending on equipment. This commitment represents spending some £186bn on defence equipment and support in the 10 years from 2018/19. The UK is also the second largest defence exporter, winning defence orders worth £14bn in 2018.

To maintain the safety and security of both the public and visitors to the UK, police, intelligence agencies and the private security sector is supported by a vibrant UK SME security sector which is a global leader in a wide range of products and services who supported the export of over £5.2m goods and services (2018). Globally, the security market – cyber security included – exhibits continued growth and is projected to reach £150bn by 2022.

There are many innovative solutions developed for, and applicable to the defence and security sectors. Our team can help you navigate this landscape by signposting funding opportunities, offering advice, providing guidance and introducing beneficial connections.

Companies developing products, services or innovation that are applicable to defence or security sectors and work in areas like cIoT, Data science/AI/ML, Forensics, Detection and screening technologies, Cryptography, Synthetic biology and chemistry, Radiological and nuclear, UAV/drones, sensors, behavioural science, human enhancement, energy storage, advanced materials and electronics, space and Earth Observation, surveillance and intelligence, logistics, command and control.

Click here to see open funding opportunities in the security & defence sector.

Click here to see funding competitions and open calls from DASA (the UK government’s Defence and Security Accelerator).

Our current focus in this area

The National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) definition of cyber security’s core function is to protect the devices we all use, and the services we access from theft or damage and preventing unauthorised access to personal information we store on these devices, and online.

What makes our modern lives relatively easy, interconnected and seamless is this seldom thought of, but very vital soft infrastructure – the electromagnetic spectrum.

Related Opportunities

Novel Disruptive Science Impacting Future Defence and Security

Opens: 17/10/2023 Closes: 05/12/2023

This DASA competition aims to identify and develop novel, early stage research ideas that may have a significant and disruptive impact.

More Information

CyberASAP Pathfinder 2024

Opens: 20/11/2023 Closes: 01/12/2023

CyberASAP Pathfinder is a three-day bootcamp for academics, providing the necessary guidance and support for researchers to commercialise their ideas.

More Information

Innovation Exchange challenge: Dashcam Interruption

Opens: 20/11/2023 Closes: 11/01/2024

NSTIx seek a non-intrusive way to stop vehicle dashcams recording while on secure government facilities.

More Information

Innovation Exchange challenge: Assurance of Classified Information Sharing

Opens: 20/11/2023 Closes: 09/01/2024

The UK Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) seek to develop automated information sharing assurance tool(s) for a variety of scenarios.

More Information

Innovation Exchange challenge: Communications with Minimum Infrastructure

Opens: 20/11/2023 Closes: 09/01/2024

The UK Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) seek to design and develop a communications system that can operate anywhere globally with limited reliance on local infrastructure.

More Information

Innovation Exchange challenge: Inconsistent Access to Data

Opens: 20/11/2023 Closes: 09/01/2024

The UK Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) are looking for a solution that brings together disparate information and a wide variety of tools and data.

More Information

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