By 2050 our industry will have embraced a circular economy and be using different feedstocks, technologies and energy sources to produce chemicals. The Innovate UK Business Connect Chemistry team can help you navigate these changes and identify innovation that will ensure your business, research or service remains sustainable.

Innovate UK Business Connect works with all sectors that use chemicals or chemistry in their business. These include:

  • UK Chemical Manufacturers
  • “Chemistry-using” Sectors – where chemistry is critical to the business, e.g. Pharmaceuticals, Home & Personal Care, Agrochemicals, Fuels and Energy
  • Innovative companies (particularly SMEs and start-ups) and leading academics developing technologies and solutions for a Net Zero future

Innovate UK Business Connect uses sector knowledge to help businesses innovate through providing access to connections and collaborations as well as expertise and funding.

We can also help with innovation related to:

  • Synthesis and catalysis. Materials chemistry, including formulated products, polymers and composites
  • Digitalisation of manufacturing and R&D operations – for increased productivity
  • Exploitation of Industrial Biotechnology and Engineering Biology (often called Synthetic Biology) for improved products and low carbon processes.

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Our current focus in this area

Innovate UK KTN recognises that this sector is heavily reliant on laboratory-based R&D, as well as computational techniques for modelling the behaviour of atoms, molecules and colloids across multiple length and time scales.

Connecting the UK’s growing Chemicals community with industrial collaborators, research-base expertise, investment opportunities and funders.

For chemical-based industries to respond to global challenges, we need to improve productivity and maintain the competitiveness of our manufacturing processes.

As the world moves towards a greener future, we are changing the demand profile on certain raw materials. At the same, world population rises, resulting in an ever-increasing demand for energy and products which puts gradual pressure on raw materials (and their supply chains), contributing to the generation of more and more waste.

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SBRI: Decarbonising concrete

Opens: 08/01/2024 Closes: 04/03/2024

Organisations can apply for a share of £3m inc VAT to develop solutions to accelerate decarbonising concrete.

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Environmental Monitoring Innovation

Opens: 22/01/2024 Closes: 06/03/2024

UK registered businesses can apply for a share of up to £5m for collaborative projects to develop innovative solutions in environmental monitoring.

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CLIMATES: Supply chain innovations for rare earths

Opens: 15/01/2024 Closes: 13/03/2024

UK registered organisations can apply for a share of up to £4 million for collaborative R&D projects on circular critical materials supply chains.

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DASA Competition: Small, Lightweight Trace Explosives Detector

Opens: 01/02/2024 Closes: 09/04/2024

DASA seeks novel, lightweight bioassay systems with novel transduction platforms for the detection of trace explosives.

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Innovation Exchange challenge: Innovations to Produce Sustainable, Biobased MDA for the Manufacture of PEEK

Opens: 01/02/2024 Closes: 15/03/2024

Victrex is seeking innovative solutions to produce sustainable biobased MDA (4,4’-methylene dianiline), a precursor in the PEEK manufacturing process.

More Information

Mobile Evidential Drug Testing Instrument (MEDTI) Demonstrator

Opens: 19/02/2024 Closes: 16/04/2024

The DfT are seeking innovations to develop roadside evidential drug testing capability to enable effective enforcement of drug driving offending.

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