The world is changing at an ever greater pace. Industry and innovators are responding, working together to create the products, services and businesses of the future. Innovate UK KTN is here to help.

We make the full range of diverse connections required to shape a more positive future: technology, design, supply chains, business models, behaviour change, systems change. We are committed to driving innovation that is sustainable – responsible, resilient and even regenerative.

Innovate UK KTN helps drive innovation that can reduce industry’s environmental footprint and improve resource efficiency, and also create benefits such as competitive advantage and enhanced value-add for the customer. By making the right connections – for instance to cutting edge knowledge & research, the best solution providers, and testing facilities.

We help innovators navigate the journey to market fruition. We make connections to the multitude of skills and assets required to bring any product or service to market. And of course the funding and finance that might be required.

Innovate UK KTN works extensively with stakeholders – from national and regional government to national and regional government, Catapults, clusters, trade associations, learned institutions, expert consultancies, think tanks and charities. We connect seemingly disparate stakeholders to shape a better innovation landscape, and multiply the impact that any one of these organisations could have alone. To help drive positive change.

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Our current focus in this area

At Innovate UK KTN, we are helping to empower organisations in their journey to Net Zero.

As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, we are changing the demand profile on many materials. But at the same time, as the world population rises, resulting in an ever increasing demand for energy and products which puts increasing pressure on materials (and their supply chains), we are also generating more and more ‘waste’.

The Decarbonising Ports & Harbours Innovation Network’s overarching objective is to raise the profile of the critical part ports and harbours need to play in Maritime transport’s transition to net zero by 2050 and accelerate this transition by giving clear direction.

Governments across the globe are working and deploying plans to reduce carbon and particulate emissions to improve the environment for generations to come.

Connecting the UK’s growing Chemicals community with industrial collaborators, research-base expertise, investment opportunities and funders.

Innovate UK KTN supports the offshore wind industry as a major contributor to the ORE Catapult innovation hub funded by BEIS, as well as supporting the companies who are making applications for funding for offshore renewables.

The Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging activity at Innovate UK KTN is proactively driving engagement and collaboration as part of the core programme of the UKRI ISCF Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging Challenge (SSPP).

Innovate UK KTN supports the SuperSolar Network Plus with the Head of Infrastructure acting as Chair to the Network Industrial Advisory Group. Through this group, and programmes such as Energy Catalyst as described above, we are actively brokering B2B and B2A linkages.

Liquid fuels will be a requirement for long-haul air travel in the longer term and a requirement for short haul whilst new technologies such as electric and electric/hybrid are developed. Aviation contributes around 2-3% to global CO2 emissions; through the International Civil Aviation Organization, the industry is committed to carbon neutral growth from 2021.

The world is changing at an ever greater pace, and manufacturers are responding – improving the products they make and the way they make them. This enables reduced environmental footprint and improved resource efficiency, but also creates benefits such as competitive advantage and a closer alignment with the customer’s needs.

Related Opportunities

UK-US Offshore Wind Collaborative R&D

Opens: 16/10/2023 Closes: 10/01/2024

UK registered organisations can apply for a share of up to £2m for offshore wind R&D. UK projects must work in collaboration with separately funded US projects. This funding is from Innovate UK and for UK projects only.

More Information

SSPP: Liquid food and beverages in refillable packaging

Opens: 18/09/2023 Closes: 25/10/2023

Up to £1.5m available to demonstrate a reuse or refill packaging system for liquid food and beverage products, at scale, in a retail chain.

More Information

European Commission Plastics Related Funding & tender opportunities

Opens: 01/03/2023 Closes: 22/02/2024

Horizon Europe funding for reducing plastic pollution, pollutant monitoring, circular economy, and biodegradation validation. Various closing dates.

More Information

Innovation Exchange challenge: Subsea Mattress Sustainable Ties

Opens: 21/08/2023 Closes: 29/09/2023

This challenge seeks sustainable, durable, high-load ties for seabed subsea concrete ‘mattresses’ which are used to protect undersea cables.

More Information

Ofgem Round 3 Discovery Phase

Opens: 04/09/2023 Closes: 22/11/2023

Ofgem seeks net zero innovations in system planning, secure power system, heat electrification and power-to-gas.

More Information

Media Cymru: Greening the screen fund

Opens: 18/09/2023 Closes: 01/11/2023

UK registered organisations can apply for £75k-£250k to scale-up products, services or processes that will reduce the carbon footprint of the screen industry in the Cardiff Capital Region.

More Information

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