Net Zero Living

Innovate UK’s £60 million, three-year Net Zero Living Programme aims to help places and businesses across the UK to accelerate the transition to net zero. 

About the programme

Innovate UK’s Net Zero Living Programme is a £60 million, three-year programme that aims to help places and businesses across the UK to accelerate the delivery of the transition to net zero.

Many of the immediate solutions needed to transition places to net zero already exist. However, challenges are often encountered when trying to deliver these solutions at scale. There are often barriers to overcome including coordinating many stakeholders, engaging with citizens, attracting finance or navigating procurement and governance processes.

We recognise that local authorities can directly address or influence up to 30% of the UK’s total carbon emissions, and help facilitate the reduction of emissions across a place even more, through their influence in planning decisions, policy setting and defining local goals.


Aims and objectives

The Net Zero Living programme aims to help places to open markets by:

  • Removing the non-technical barriers to demand, including skills, organisational capacity, citizen engagement, financing, procurement and governance processes, which can all create barriers to the rapid scale up and adoption of net zero solutions.
  • Driving widespread business growth and innovation across the economy.
  • Unlocking significant additional private investment to enable true levelling-up both between and within places.

To understand what is meant by non-technical systemic barriers, please watch this short recording.

Focus areas

The programme has two focus areas: 
Thriving Places


Thriving Places

Providing support to local authorities, their partners and communities to overcome non-technical systemic barriers to the scaling and adoption of net zero solutions. This challenge will be delivered under two grant funding awards and supported by our Future Ready procured support.

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User Focused Products


User Focused Products

Supporting businesses to better understand and respond to the needs, opportunities and barriers preventing the large-scale roll out of net zero solutions. Includes funding for a Digital Accelerator, Design Foundations and international activities including City Twinning, Bilaterals, Net Zero Incubators and an International Net Zero Pilot. 

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Accelerating local net zero investment

Local net zero could open up a £500 billion investment opportunity - and it’s vital if we want to meet the UK’s 2050 climate targets while creating healthier, more prosperous futures. Read the key findings from a PwC report, commissioned by UKRI, about the private capital required for local net zero projects and how to unlock it.

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