Young Innovators Next Steps

The Young Innovators Next Steps Awards recognise trailblazing young entrepreneurs, accelerating their business growth to deliver even bigger impact.

About the Next Steps Awards

The 17 winners of the Young Innovators Next Steps Awards previously received Young Innovators Awards for their innovative business ideas and have gone on to demonstrate their remarkable potential. After winning their first Innovate UK award, they have secured further funding from investors, launched products and expanded their teams. They’ve also been recognised with prestigious industry awards and have showcased their work to large audiences within their sectors.

With a focus on helping young people from all parts of the country take their innovations to the next level, the Young Innovators Next Steps Awards provide these innovators with an additional £50,000 in funding plus tailored business support to help them continue their incredible progress and fuel their growth plans.

This year’s Award winners include:

  • Anthony Camu, Theia Robotics: Theia is a handheld orientation and mobility device for people with visual impairments, which Anthony describes as “the guide dog that fits in your pocket”.
  • Alex Newnes, PlantSea: PlantSea aims to provide a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to single-use plastics. Alex’s first innovation wraps personal care products like shampoo in a biodegradable material that can dissolve in water.
  • Amelia Seifalian, NanoRegMed: Amelia is creating a new implant made from a graphene-based nanocomposite to treat pelvic organ prolapse, after the existing treatment was banned over safety concerns.
  • Thomas Constant, The Bug Factory: Thomas has developed mealworm-growing pods for people’s homes, which harness insect power to recycle food waste and convert it into pet food and plant fertiliser.

Read the full list of Young Innovators Next Steps Award winners here.

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