Anthony Camu

Developing a handheld robotic guide dog for the visually impaired


Theia Robotics





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Developing a handheld robotic guide dog for the visually impaired

Anthony Camu invented Theia while studying Industrial Design and Engineering at university. Theia is a handheld orientation and mobility device for people with visual impairments, which Anthony describes as “the guide dog that fits in your pocket”.

The patented device uses similar technologies found in autonomous cars and a system to guide the user’s hands and help them closely follow paths. It aims to provide an affordable, electronic alternative to a guide dog, for those who can’t get a dog due to house size, allergies or availability issues.

When Anthony applied to the Young Innovators Awards, he was working from a shed in his parents’ garden. Fast forward a year and he’s managed to raise almost £700,000, move to an office in London and hire his first employees. He goes into the Next Steps programme with a large Alpha trial and fundraising round of £2 million just around the corner.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support of my Innovation Growth Specialist. Starting a tech business is hard because there’s just so much to learn, but the best way to learn is by throwing yourself in the deep end. The more I learnt, the more confident I became.”


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