Amelia Seifalian

Developing a novel nanocomposite to treat pelvic organ prolapse 







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Developing a novel nanocomposite to treat pelvic organ prolapse

Dr. Amelia Seifalian started her innovation when she learnt about pelvic organ prolapse, a condition which affects nearly half the female population worldwide. This weakening of the pelvic muscles is often a result of childbirth or ageing.

The condition was previously treated with a mesh made of polypropylene, which has since been banned over safety concerns. Aligning her research interests in nanotechnology and regenerative medicine, Amelia hopes to provide a solution by designing a new pelvic membrane.

Winning the Young Innovators Award gave Amelia the support and funding to work on a novel material for her new implant. Registered as Hastalex®, the graphene-based nanocomposite material can be 200 times stronger than steel but remains extremely lightweight and elastic.

She created two designs for the pelvic membrane over the course of the programme. Now, Amelia aims to use the Young Innovators Next Steps Award to help her conduct studies, compare her designs and plan the preclinical trial.

“I would advise aspiring young entrepreneurs to follow their passion but with humility, and to always seek advice where needed. It’s important to be willing to listen to experts, seek help when appropriate and interpret any advice as needed. Although your project may be unique, the experience of others will always be invaluable,” she says.


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