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Developing video games to teach STEM and tackle skills shortages


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Developing video games to teach STEM and tackle skills shortages

Seyed Nasrollahi founded Unifiq Games to engage more young people with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), where skills shortages are impeding productivity and economic growth in the UK. His physics-based sandbox game aims to encourage problem solving and creativity in the sciences.

Since winning the Young Innovators Award, Seyed has successfully released three prototype demos. He exhibited at Insomnia Gaming Festival and has play-tested the demos with more than 600 players in-person and online, which allowed him to collect feedback and make quick iterations and improvements.

He’s also learned a lot behind the scenes, praising the Young Innovators mentoring programme for teaching him to think critically about his ideas, plan strategically and take necessary actions.

Seyed applied for the Young Innovators Next Steps Awards to help him develop a minimum viable product (MVP) which he can take to video game publishers. From there, he hopes to scale up his team and develop new games that will engage players with STEM topics.

“The Young Innovators Award helped me to make significant progress with my business. It was clear to me that the Next Steps Awards would be a huge boost to accelerate our development from prototype to MVP,” he says.


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