Graysha Audren

Improving the efficiency of clothing manufacturing for a zero-waste future


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Sustainability & Circular Economy

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Improving the efficiency of clothing manufacturing for a zero-waste future

Of the 53 million tonnes of fibre produced by the global fashion industry each year, 25-35% of it is wasted on the factory floor.

Award-winning textile designer Graysha Audren founded Weffan to redesign what she calls “outdated and unsustainable manufacturing models”. Weffan uses an automated 3D weaving method to integrate textile production and garment manufacturing into one seamless step, shortening the production process and reducing waste.

Since winning the Young Innovators Award, Graysha has completed a Future Fashion Fund showcase, created a product development roadmap and hired her first employees. She’s also partnered with leading researchers and been recognised by the London Fashion District’s Design Future Award.

Graysha describes her Innovation Growth Specialist on the Young Innovators programme as “invaluable” in not only offering advice, but introducing structures to help with goal setting, time management and business strategy.

With the support of the Next Steps Award, she now plans to create a commercialisation pathway for her innovation to allow Weffan to make a real-world, sustainable impact. This includes producing a catalogue of 3D woven design components for shirts, which will lead to a sustainable fashion brand collaboration in 2024.

“Weffan started as an idea. The Young Innovators Award allowed me to validate that idea, create my first prototype, develop key partnerships with manufacturers and researchers, and gain the skills to take the business to the next level,” Graysha explains.


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