Fixatives for containment of alpha contamination in gloveboxes

Sellafield Ltd would like to explore options for fixatives that would provide containment of alpha contaminated material within gloveboxes selected for decommissioning.

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Innovate UK KTN is supporting FIS360 in the promotion of the Game Changers innovation programme, which finds solutions for complex nuclear industry challenges. Apply now to this Sellafield Ltd challenge, which focusses on exploring options for effective, strong and durable fixatives that would provide containment of alpha contaminated material within gloveboxes.

Challenge Background

Sellafield has approximately 800 gloveboxes in total across the site, which have been used to handle radioactive material. They are now due to be decommissioned. Some gloveboxes onsite are large and would have to be dismantled prior to being transported. In this scenario, fixatives would provide protection to operatives during the dismantling process where containment is inevitably breached. The ability to fix the alpha contamination in place will give Sellafield Ltd greater confidence in their alpha remediation strategy by reducing the radiological risk associated with the decommissioning operation.

Challenge aims

Solutions must be able to either coat the outside of the glovebox, thereby creating a seal, or be deployed through a 150mm gloveport. It is critical that the fixative solutions satisfy site regulations such as fire safety. As the processing facility is planned to be operational from 2047 to 2097, the fixatives should be as long-lasting as possible, with the ability to be remediated or reapplied if necessary.

Briefing and further information

Game Changers will be hosting an interactive webinar at 10:30am on Thursday, 25 July, where delegates will have the chance to hear directly from the challenge owners and ask questions. Register for event: Game Changers webinar – Fixatives for containment of alpha contamination in gloveboxes (

Apply now to this Sellafield Ltd challenge. The closing date for applications is 3pm on Thursday, 15 August 2024.

Additional information about the funding process

Frequently asked questions, including further details of the available funding

Eligibility: Any organisation of any size can apply for funding through Game Changers including SMEs, Higher Education Institutions, Research and Technology Organisations and public bodies. Companies who apply for funding must be registered with Companies House. International organisations can also apply for funding. Certain exemptions may apply depending on the nature of the challenge.

More information and a detailed challenge statement can be found on the Game Changers website.


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