Announcing the Cohort for the Faraday Battery Challenge Investment Readiness Programme 2023

Posted on: 18/05/2023

Running for the third consecutive year, the Faraday Battery Challenge Investment Readiness Programme is going stronger than ever.

A cohort of 11 SMEs from across the battery supply chain has been selected. Over the coming weeks the cohort, with support from our partners Mountside Ventures and Stronger Stories, will get a better understanding of what investors are looking for, will train to deliver their pitch more effectively and start making connections within the investment landscape.




Batri are a developer, manufacturer, and provider of energy storage solutions empowering clients to reach Net Zero goals. At the core of the product portfolio lies a commitment to maximising the potential of renewable energy sources, with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Batri’s R&D efforts focus on sodium-ion batteries and a coal-to-carbon process creating hard- and composite-carbon materials.


Gaea provides a data-driven workflow tool for industrial recyclers to run onsite operations. Our configurable platform empowers recyclers to effectively manage new processes, enabling the adoption of innovative reuse and recycling methods in the industry. Our AI-powered product helps recyclers to maximise the value of their materials.


IONETIC is a battery pack technology company which reduces the development cost of battery packs up 90%, while adding up 110% more range, and 36% more energy density. We work with niche vehicle-makers and automotive OEMs to overcome the challenges of electrifying your vehicles, accelerating the journey to net zero emissions.


LTS’ aim is to ensure that we create no additional waste, create a circular economy around the strategical metals and protect our environment in our quest for carbon neutral economies.


Q-Flo’s value-added carbon product range, Torstran, is produced by high temperature processing of methane/hydrocarbon feedstocks including renewables/wastes (e.g., from land-fill, biogas, hot-steel reaction gases) to give an Ultra-Long-Carbon-NanoTube (ULCNT) product in a safe bundled structure.

RIS Ltd  

RIS Ltd design, develop and supply renewable energy solutions for industrial use. We draw upon expertise from different fields and industries to share and combine knowledge in providing those solutions. One of our current focuses is on providing a clean, emission-free alternative to the highly-polluting diesel driven fridges on commercial transport and making this cost-effective for the customer.


Solveteq is developing a sustainable and environmentally friendly method for recycling lead-acid batteries, while significantly reducing the environmental impact of lead. Solveteq’s technology will enable UK and international recycling companies to substantially reduce their energy and environmental control costs. The green process has the potential to transform the battery recycling industry and establish next-generation practices.


StorTera’s groundbreaking single liquid flow battery (SLiQ) utilises the benefits of metal polysulphide chemistry in flow battery form. The SLiQ is highly sustainable and will provide stored energy at 1/10th the cost of current lithium-ion batteries. Our technology has applications in commercial, industrial and grid scale with the ability to provide both millisecond and long duration storage.


Today, many talk about batteries being flexible. But then lock them away in BESS or BEVs. We remain shackled to the fixed wire grid. There is a better way. A new generation of more connected, more rugged, more agile battery systems can move power to where and when it’s most needed. That’s how we deliver ‘Renewables Everywhere’.

United British Motors  

United British Motors is committed to revolutionising the energy storage industry by producing the safest and most reliable battery packs for electric vehicles. Our goal is to provide sustainable, safe, and reliable battery pack technology that will power the future of transportation. We are dedicated to creating a better world by developing innovative and eco- friendly solutions for our customers.


Hy-Met Limited, a UK deep-tech instrumentation start-up, aims to revolutionise the energy industry with our cutting-edge measurement solutions. Our end-to-end measurement stack will help tackle many complex problems (including rapid battery inspection and metering unconventional gases like hydrogen) and enable transition to a cleaner, affordable, sustainable future for all.

About the Faraday Battery Challenge Investment Readiness Programme

The Programme has been designed to get the cohort in the best place possible before the opportunity to meet and pitch to investors interested in the battery sector. Whilst there is no guarantee of investment, every participant of the cohort has seen a positive outcome ranging from investment to partnership opportunities and we are certain that the 2023 Programme will be just as successful.

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