Directional decontamination head deployment into large, congested, highly radioactive vessels

Sellafield Ltd are seeking innovative solutions for deploying vessel cleaning heads to apply decontaminating chemicals inside highly radioactive structures.

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Feasibility grants of up to £10,000 support an initial exploration of ideas and concepts. Ideas showing early promise are awarded larger proof of concept grants.



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Innovate UK KTN is supporting FIS360 in the promotion of the Game Changers innovation programme, which finds solutions for complex nuclear industry challenges. Apply now for this Sellafield Ltd challenge, which is focused on directional deployment of cleaning heads into large, highly radioactive vessels with complex internal configurations.

Challenge Background

The vessels can occupy volumes of between 30 cubic metres and 200 cubic metres and are contained within thick concrete cells, which provide radiation shielding. Access is through small inspection ports (150mm in diameter) within the cell wall or roof. The vessels can be between 5m and 10m from the cell wall or roof and access to the inside of the vessel is via an additional 150mm access port. Any technology can only be deployed from outside the cell wall via the inspection and access ports.

The vessels contain complex internal structures, such as cooling and heating coils, instrument dip legs, internal vessels and pipe support brackets, all of which require surface decontamination. Any tool deployed to clean these internal structures would need to be able to navigate around them whilst cleaning them, as well as cleaning the entire internal surface of the vessel.

Challenge aims

Sellafield Ltd is seeking innovative solutions to deploy cleaning heads to decontaminate these large, difficult-to-access vessels with complex internal architecture. By removing the radioactive contamination from these vessels, subsequent decommissioning operations can be achieved more safely, more quickly and at a much lower cost.

Briefing and further information

Game Changers will be hosting an interactive webinar at 10:30am on the Weds, 7 August, where delegates will have the chance to hear directly from the challenge owners and ask questions. Register now for the event < Game Changers webinar – Directional decontamination head deployment into large, congested, highly radioactive vessels (

Apply now for this Sellafield Ltd challenge. The closing date for applications is 2pm on Wednesday, 21 August.

Additional information about the funding process

Frequently asked questions, including further details of the available funding

Eligibility: Any organisation of any size can apply for funding through Game Changers including SMEs, Higher Education Institutions, Research and Technology Organisations and public bodies. Companies who apply for funding must be registered with Companies House. International organisations can also apply for funding. Certain exemptions may apply depending on the nature of the challenge.

More information and a detailed challenge statement can be found on the Game Changers website.


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