The Future of Computing for Defence

Are you interested in novel computing technologies? Don’t miss out the new event organised by Innovate UK KTN in collaboration with Dstl.

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On 2 March 2022, Dstl and Innovate UK KTN will hold a one-day symposium on the changing computational landscape and its impact on defence. All areas of Defence will be affected by the lack of sustainability of current conventional (digital, CMOS) computing trends, and, to achieve operational and information advantage capabilities new computing paradigms must be adopted.

Webinar recording is now available


New types of computing (such as Quantum, Neuromorphic and Thermodynamic) are emerging. These offer advantages over traditional conventional computers, including the ability to do things conventional computers cannot do; however, they have their own disadvantages. These different approaches offer different opportunities and the future needs of defence will necessitate a hybrid approach.

We are bringing together a community of minds from across industry and academia to engage and work alongside government scientists to investigate the potential for future computing to transform UK Defence.  As part of this, we are delighted to host a one-day virtual symposium on the changing computational landscape and its impact on defence.

Who is this event for?

This event will be virtual and is suitable for anyone interested in novel computing technologies. Both government, industry and academia are welcome.

The symposium will run from 10:00 – 16:00 on 2nd March 2022, with introductions from:

  • David Sherburn | DST
  • Gavin Pearson | Dstl
  • Sqn Ldr Rich Cooke, followed by nine presentations from leading experts


  • Peter Waggett | IBM
  • Prof Steve Furber | Manchester University
  • Simon Plant | National Quantum Computing Centre
  • Adnan Mehonic | UCL
  • Alexander Serb | Southampton University
  • Oscar Kennedy | Oxford Quantum Circuits
  • Antonio Hurtado | Strathclyde University
  • Thomas Heinis | Imperial College

Innovate UK KTN are working with Dstl through the ‘Analysis for Science & Technology Research in Defence’ (ASTRID) framework which enables Government to access research, analysis and decision support services from the private sector and academia. The programme Innovate UK KTN are supporting, the Defence S&T Futures programme, will ensure the UK is better prepared for the future through activity to Identify potential, Incubate and rapidly test hypotheses and promote emerging insights of (beyond) generation-after-next science and technology.

Signing-up will enable access to the recording of the symposium if you are unable to attend on 2 March.


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