Webinar Series: Heating for Net Zero - Decarbonisation of Buildings and Estates

Posted on: 22/06/2022

The Net Zero Places Innovation Network aims to help make Net Zero in the UK a reality. We do this by supporting local/regional authorities and agencies to connect, collaborate, inform, share experiences and lessons learned, adopt innovation and to level up across the UK.

This webinar series, delivered in partnership with Innovate UK KTN Net Zero Places Innovation Network and the Greater South East Net Zero Hubs (funded by BEIS) is answering the most common questions from local authorities to decarbonise buildings and estates. These one-hour long events, running until December 2022, aim to help and guide local authority officers who have the responsibility to meet net-zero and want to hear how other authorities have approached their net-zero challenges.

Webinar recordings are now available

Series overview: Introduction to heating for net zero

29 June 2022: Webinar 1 – Heating for Net Zero: Fabric efficiency “Fabric First”

The fabric performance of a building influences the amount of energy need to heat (and cool) it. The seminar is an unbiased look at a range of different approaches that can be used to improve the fabric performance of a building.

In this event, we explore the latest approaches, and hear how a local authority has transitioned its housing stock.

13 July 2022: Webinar 2 – Heating for Net Zero: Heat pumps

In very simple terms, heat pumps compress low grade heat captured from a range of sources in the environment, transferring and compressing that heat via a distribution system to heat the building space. This webinar engages a conversation about Heat Pumps to meet net zero objectives, and considers: when and where should they be utilised?

14 September 2022 | Webinar 3 – Heating for Net Zero: Fuels

To complement the session on heat pumps, we look at alternative approaches to heating. There are a range of alternative fuels and technologies that could be employed either in conjunction with OR as a more appropriate alternative to the heat pump. We consider in  particular the applicability of biofuels, Hydrogen and other technologies like solar thermal. We also consider ways of heating more than one building using a heat network.

28 September 2022 | Webinar 4 – Heating for Net Zero: Integrating the Tech

This session explores how technologies can be brought together to achieve optimal heating and energy performance as well as decarbonisation. Some of the topics we cover include:
• Heat and power optimisation
• Building Management Systems and
• Storage as part of an integrated heat solution.

12 October 2022 | Webinar 5 – Heating for Net Zero: Technical Modelling

Understanding how proposed interventions will perform using a data-led approach has become part of good design, monitoring and validation of building decarbonisation. This session will explore the value of modelling at all stages of design and retrofitting buildings, what tools and models are available and when to use them along with the importance of data.

26 October 2022 | Webinar 6 – Heating for Net Zero: Grid Constraints

If we are going to move to an electrified world for heating, where the power comes from is of critical importance. In almost all situations changing to an electrically-based heating system will require interaction with the power networks. Engaging effectively with the network operator in your area at the right time and with the right information will ensure you achieve your project on time and budget.
This session will focus on the power network and explore how the network functions and how to work with your network operator to realise your project. We will discuss alternatives to conventional network connections which may be applicable for certain types of heat projects.

9 November 2022 | Webinar 7 – Heating for Net Zero: Horizon Scanning

This session rounds off the first season of Lunch and Learns by taking a look into the future of heating. What ideas are being developed to challenge the current solutions? We hope to cover topics such as modular methods of construction, harvesting waste heat from other sources like mines and sewers and the use of natural solutions as way of improving thermal performance.
The session will also explore alternatives to findings solutions where there may not be an established way for the public sector to procure them.

<i>In association with Greater South East Net Zero Hub</i>
In association with Greater South East Net Zero Hub

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Net Zero Places Innovation Network

Making net zero a reality in the UK by supporting local/regional authorities to achieve their net zero ambitions by connecting, collaborating, sharing experiences and adopting innovation.


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