Webinar 2 - Heating for Net Zero: Heat pumps

On 13 July Innovate UK KTN Net Zero Places Innovation Network in partnership with the Net Zero Hubs (NZH) are hosting the second webinar of their new series ‘Heating for Net Zero’ which will focus on ‘Heat Pumps’ to meet net zero objectives. We will especially try to answer the question: where should they be utilised?

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What is a heat pump? 

In very simple terms, heat pumps compress low grade heat captured from a range of sources in the environment, transferring and compressing that heat via a distributions system to heat the building space.  

They are a conventional technology with relatively few components which makes them mechanically reliable. They are commonplace in refrigeration and other appliances. In fact, their use in colder countries is significant with Norway and Sweden seeing around 50% of homes heat using a heat pump despite colder winter conditions than experienced in the UK.

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Why is it important to take it into consideration?

They can achieve significantly higher ratios of input energy to heat released compared with traditional heating alternatives. Their efficiency is affected by a range of factors including the thermal efficiency of the building they are heating, the heating demand profile, their sizing and the environmental temperatures of the heat source. They can be viewed as a zero carbon heating technology if they are supplied from renewable electricity whether that is derived from the power grid or generated on site from a renewable source. 

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This webinar series, delivered in partnership with Innovate UK KTN Net Zero Places Innovation Network and the Greater South East Net Zero Hubs (funded by BEIS) is answering the most common questions from local authorities to decarbonise buildings and estates. These one-hour-long events are aiming to help and guide local authority officers who have the responsibility to meet net-zero and want to hear how other authorities have approached their net-zero challenges.

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