The Cross-Sector Battery Systems Community Hub has officially launched

Posted on: 24/03/2021

We’re delighted to unveil the new online centre for the UK's battery community - the Cross-Sector Battery Systems Network Hub.

After month’s in the making, a new online hub for the battery industry – the Cross-Sector Battery Systems Network Hub – has just been unveiled. The hub has been developed by KTN in partnership with the Faraday Battery Challenge and aims to:

  • Provide an online space which accelerates the facilitation of knowledge sharing and collaboration;
  • Provide a networking environment to facilitate collaborations between different sectors that would not otherwise interact;
  • Establish a well-informed community, which would benefit from and participate in related future funding opportunities.

Tony Harper, Faraday Battery Challenge Director says,

“As the UK transitions toward Net Zero, we have to have a  focus on the decarbonisation technologies for all sectors. We need to stimulate innovation and collaboration across all of the great capability we have throughout the nation. This hub will support this innovation by bringing the community together to cross-fertilise ideas. We were absolutely keen to champion this initiative.”

To achieve the aims set out, the hub will work towards establishing itself as a one-stop portal of information. This includes housing all the latest battery related news, industry reports, funding opportunities and a networking space. To facilitate further engagement, interested parties are able to set up a profile which allows them to share their challenges and/or solutions, with the further ability of requesting to be connected with others in this sector.

Anna Wise, Head of Battery Technology at Innovate UK adds,

“Over the last year we have worked with WMG to develop a Discussion Paper on Battery Targets and Priorities to 2035. We look forward to validating, and eventually realising, these targets by connecting members of this lively community.”

It is the networking portal and the inclusion of a landscape map that makes the Cross-Sector Battery Systems Network Hub unique.

The landscape map features over 200 organisations and aims to showcase the breadth of the UK battery capability. It includes battery manufacturers, supply chain, OEMs, researchers and end-users. Users can filter through various options to explore the spread of organisations in different sectors (rail, maritime, aviation, etc.) and how the supply chain is shaped.


As the UK races towards its Net Zero commitments, this hub plays an important role in connecting diverse groups for positive change.

Kevin Brundish, Chair of the Network and CEO of AMTE Power reflects,

“As one of the founding members of KTN’s Cross-Sector Battery Systems Innovation Network, we’re delighted by the launch of this hub. In an ever-expanding market, which is rich in technological advancements, the hub has been designed to efficiently connect those with a need with those with potential solutions. I’m particularly excited that it will allow AMTE to connect with industry partners, as well as connect us with academia and industry partners, who are making technological advancements that can improve our product range and manufacturing effectiveness. Congratulations to the KTN team on all of the hard work which went into the design of the portal, which I am sure will provide value to the battery industry both within and outside the UK.”

If you would like to keep up to speed with our activities in the battery space, please, sign up to the Cross-Sector Battery Systems Innovation Network mailing list. If you have any questions or suggestions about the hub, please contact us.


About the Cross-Sector Battery Systems Innovation Network & the Faraday Battery Challenge

The Cross-Sector Battery Systems Innovation Network is part of KTN’s flagship Innovation Networks portfolio. The community aims to ignite innovation, partnerships and support the net zero agenda by building new connections and stimulating collaboration. Read more about KTN’s Innovation Networks here.

The Faraday Battery Challenge is investing £318 million in research and innovation projects and facilities to drive the growth of a strong battery business in the UK. Read more about the Challenge here.

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