10 key learnings from our Batteries for… Maritime webinar

Posted on: 25/02/2021

What are the challenges for the Maritime sector in achieving NetZero? How can battery solutions ease the pressure?

Building on the successful launch of the Cross-Sector Battery Systems Innovation Network, we are running a webinar series that looks into the opportunities and trends for Batteries in Defence, Maritime and Rail. Each session will bring together experts looking at the supply and demand side for batteries, technical requirements and explore how these wide range of sectors can decarbonise through batteries. We follow up each webinar with 10 key learnings gleaned from the session.

In the second webinar of this series, we heard from Mark Wray on the challenges facing Maritime as the UK aims for 100% reduction in its greenhouse gas emissions. The Decarbonising of Ports & Harbours Innovation Network is working with key stake holders across public and private to pull together a strategic investment plan for future proofing.

Ross Wombwell, Head of Technical Services at British Marine, talks through the recreational maritime market, new regulations and transiting into the future. He was followed by David Tyler of Artemis Technologies, who spoke about the technologies they are scaling for commercial, everyday vessels utilising learnings from techniques used for the America’s cup and the automotive sector. Tanya Ferry, Head of Environment from Port of London Authority rounded up the speakers of the day. She lays out the steps being undertaken to achieve NetZero by 2040.


10 Key takeaways:

  • Greenhouse gas emission target is aiming for 50% reduction at an international scale, but here in the UK we are determined to show international leadership and commit to a target of 100% reduction.
  • Focus on the marine sector’s contribution towards lowering greenhouse emissions only came to the forefront in 2019.
  • The challenge is 2-fold: Looking at innovations for new builds, and also retrofitting boats build from 2000 onward and even some from the 20th century.
  • There is increasing pressure from public consumers asking for solutions that are yet to be built/developed – namely, hybrid packages, pure electric packages etc. Those that are available are selling out, so there is a real need for these types of technologies.
  • Artemis are exploring how the technology they developed through the America’s Cup, hydro foiling and wing sail technology in particular, can support decarbonisation of maritime.
  • The number of vessels operating with batteries has been significantly increasing over the last few years. But this isn’t the only option/solution, rather it requires to be an option as part of the solution framework – currently 75% of vessels are hybrids.
  • Northern Europe, especially Sweden, is leading the way in sea vessels functioning with batteries. South East Asia is also charging ahead and there are a number of key projects on the west coast of the US.
  • Port of London Authority have announced their commitment to be NetZero by 2040.
  • A key challenge highlighted was knowing where the ports’ energy requirements will be sourced from.
  • Multiple funding opportunities are available to ignite this change. Maritime UK is hosting a funding and support portal on what’s available.

There was an extremely engaged audience, with many questions for our panel of speakers. While some were addressed during the session, we have also put together a Q&A document for your perusal.


Watch the recording now and don’t miss our next session on Batteries for… Rail (17th March at 10am). If you missed the session on Defence, catch up here.

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