Meet the successful applicants in the Faraday Battery Challenge Investment Readiness Programme 2022

Posted on: 29/03/2022

The SMEs in the electric vehicle battery sector selected for the 2022 Faraday Battery Investment Readiness Programme have been announced. 

Building on the success of 2021’s programme, a cohort of companies has now been selected to take part in the 2022 Faraday Investment Programme. They are all SMEs in the electric vehicle battery sector who will work together over the following weeks to better understand how investors operate, develop a clear strategy to raise investment and selected companies will get the chance to pitch to UK and potentially US investors.

The cohort

Advanced Material Development (AMD)

AMD is a Guildford Science Park-based company specialising in developing and applying nanomaterials for energy storage applications. They focus on producing, formulating, and applying graphitic-based materials. Through strong collaboration with the Universities of Sussex and Surrey, the company has formulated a range of environmentally friendly coatings and inks that are highly suited towards energy storage applications ranging from structured electrodes, supercapacitors and materials for integration and management systems.


About:Energy is an end-to-end battery modelling company that helps customers build better battery systems. Its high accuracy battery models can be used as design tools which allow customers optimise battery and system performance, reducing their reliance on time/cost expensive experimental design processes. About:Energy’s IP stems from Faraday Institution funded research projects where world-leading model parameterisation methods were developed, including a patented process to determine a battery’s thermal properties.


After years of R&D, Tiontech has developed a technology and scientific process relating to increase the consistency of battery cells which is essential for battery pack performance. The technology also monitors the health of individual batteries as part of battery management system. Prototype unit has been developed. Tests have shown this technology could control and reverse the damage on chemical composition caused by electrolytic process that leads to the degradation of the Li-ion batteries in EVs.

Flux Aviation

Flux Aviation is on a mission to accelerate the transition of aviation towards sustainable power. Its team of senior engineers is bound by a common passion for flying and a vision of electric flight for all. A future where flying is clean, quiet and accessible for everyone. Guided by this vision, it is developing a range of high-performance battery-electric powertrains for the general aviation market.


CHIMERA Energy is a company focused on revolutionising battery performance with a key focus on the Circular Economy.  Through 22 years research, CHIMERA Energy addresses both battery pack re-manufacture for the circular economy and cost-effective benefits of multi-chemistry power-energy.  With more emphasis on new cell technologies being developed, our patented and effective technology is perfectly positioned to provide an alternative solution in the energy sector.

Taizhan Motors

Taizhan Motors has developed the world’s first sodium-ion powered quadricycle. Thanks to its battery pack optimisation technology it can reduce pack cost by 2.5 times, increase vehicle efficiency by double compared to direct competitors and reach over 70% of cell-to-pack mass, at the same time avoiding lithium, cobalt, manganese and copper. The company describes itself as ‘next-gen experienced engineers who will bring vital value to the automotive industry’.


CDO2 has developed a lighter, safer and more efficient battery pack architecture incorporating novel monitoring and control electronics for which it has been granted a patent. CDO2 produces battery packs for niche automotive and fully electrified light aircraft and has achieved a remarkable energy density of 220Wh/kg including battery management electronics. Its battery packs will be airborne from summer 2022 in a 650kg two-seater aircraft.


Infyos is addressing the battery supply chains putting the clean tech transition at risk. Using its expertise in the battery industry and supply chain technology, the Infyos platform helps battery players build supply chain visibility and manage their sustainability impact. It is backed by the climate tech accelerator Carbon13 and is working with battery supply chain players and international sustainability organisations to build a future where every battery is sustainable.


EBetri© as a brand name was created for a specific marketplace of a specialist design Li-ion battery system for use in Sub-Sahara Africa. The “E” describes Energy and Betri is Swahili slang for battery. The design features a number of unique features ensuring high efficiency storage, durability and low cost by comparison to competitors focused on unique operational payment technology suited to that market space.

ReLiT Energy

ReLiT Energy Limited is focused on delivering sustainable solutions in the Li-ion Battery market. Its vision is to be a one-stop shop solution for retired Lithium-ion Batteries. This idea, i.e., repurposing and recycling batteries forms the central idea of its business. Retired batteries that still have usable energy capacity will be repurposed for energy storage applications, while those that have reached their end-of-life, will be recycled to retrieve the expensive materials for building new cells.


Finalists in 2021 for the most innovative start up in the Welsh Business Awards, Grafmarine is developing several energy storage technologies for its novel NanoDeck product for bespoke use within marine and harsh environments. It is working with Manchester Graphene and a leading commercial partner towards commercialisation. Grafmarine has strong IP and has worked with seven UK Catapults in developing its multi-tech product. It has a sustainable commitment to work with circular economy bias businesses in the future with new bio-focused materials. Its product currently saves up to 10% of fuel use on tankers and bulk carriers.

About the programme

The Programme has been designed to get the cohort in the best place possible before the opportunity to meet and pitch to US and UK investors active in the battery sector.  Whilst there is no guarantee of investment, last year every single SME in the 2021 cohort saw a positive outcome ranging from investment to partnership opportunities and it is hoped the 2022 Programme is just as successful.

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