The successful applicants in the Faraday Investment Readiness Programme

Posted on: 08/03/2021

Meet the SMEs in the electric vehicle battery sector who have been selected to take part in the Faraday Investment Readiness Programme delivered by Innovate UK and KTN.

Earlier this year a cohort of companies was accepted to take part in the Faraday Investment Programme.  They are all SMEs in the electric vehicle battery sector and they are taking part in a series of workshops aimed at honing their pitching techniques and gaining confidence in delivering their story.

The cohort


Faraday Battery Limited  

Faraday Battery is a young SME manufacturing battery packs at 0.1 MW to 1 MW scale for transport markets including trains, buses and ships. The battery pack is designed to perform in extreme weather conditions using lithium ion cell chemistry and innovative thermal management and power electronics with six patents pending for these innovations. The battery pack is also a significantly lighter weight and smaller form-factor battery package topology versus conventional designs.

Breathe Battery Technologies

Breathe Battery Technologies is an Imperial College London spin-out and recipient of The Faraday Institution & Entrepreneurial Fellowship. The company develops state estimation based battery control technologies which evolve with battery ageing, enabling faster development of electric vehicles with better performing, safer batteries.


Deregallera is an advanced research and development facility focused on the material science of energy storage and the development of novel electric drive technologies. Founded as a contract research organisation in 2010, it pivoted the business in 2018, seeking to leverage the experience and capital investment accumulated over eight years of successful contract delivery to now commercialise its own products and processes.

Cellerate Limited

Battery R&D is currently a manual process and lacks full data consolidation. Cellerate is building automated modular tools for battery R&D from which fabrication data and test data can be linked and correlated for R&D optimisation. The benefits are improved data quality, higher throughput, both at lower cost.

Ever Resource Ltd

Ever Resource is a circular economy innovators turning waste into feed-stock and producing value-added products from end-of-life materials. Its aim is to revolutionise recycling. Its vision is a web of industries where one stream’s waste is another stream’s in-feed: bridging linear and wasteful processes to create a circular, pollution-free, zero-waste planet. Its projects include the recycling of batteries and other commodity items.

Inition Energy

Inition Energy is creating the next generation of technologies to decarbonise battery production and make it accessible to all levels of industry. Its first technology reduces the energy needed to produce the cell electrode by 50%, reduces factory space by a factor of 10, eliminates toxic fumes and dramatically increases throughput.

Avocet Battery Materials Ltd

Avocet Battery Materials‘ vision is to be the world’s best producer of key components and materials for cutting edge battery technologies. It aims to enhance supply security, improve traceability and reduce carbon emissions through localised European production.

Integrals Power

Integrals Power is a next-generation battery material/cell company that develops cathode materials (LFP based) for economical cells with higher energy density, higher charge and discharge rate. Integrals Power’s broad market research empowered the accelerated design and development of high-power and scalable cathode material which offers improved productivity.

LiNa Energy

LiNa Energy is commercialising a cobalt and lithium free solid-state sodium battery that is suited to address the rapidly growing electric vehicle and grid storage markets. It thinks its technology can not only help the world get to net-zero by 2050, but help achieve it sooner.

Evercharge Energy Limited

Evercharge Energy commercialises UK-based domestically manufactured next-generation high-capacity l/Bs. It utilises a patented anode material synthesised from a renewable resource to eliminate graphite from the supply chain. Its vision is to leverage the LIB technology to manufacture swappable battery packs and use them to build a network of charging points.

Qdot Technology Ltd

Qdot Technology Ltd is an Oxford University spin-out whose mission is to enable clean energy by creating thermal management solutions for clean generation and usage of electrical power.

Entrust Smart Home Microgrid Ltd

Entrust EV Technology is developing an innovative battery test technology (state of health), that is quicker and more efficient than current methods. It will integrate the technology into regenerative test equipment and demonstrate in a laboratory. It is looking to secure investment towards larger industrial scale development of a battery reprocessing facility.

Heat Trace Ltd

Heat Trace Ltd (HTL) develops and manufactures electrical heated products which are used for heating and defrosting applications in various global markets such as oil, gas, chemical plants and transport.  Over a 10-year period, HTL invested 10-15% of turnover in R&D, which generated over 50 patents. HTL  is now the global technical leader in smart self-regulating heating. Recently it has developed a family of radically innovative products and product concepts  which could generate a 10-fold growth in the next decade.


The Programme has been designed to get the cohort in the best place possible before assessing and selecting a shortlist to go forward to a final showcase on 22 April.  Those selected will be pitching to an invited audience of investors and, whilst there is no guarantee of investment, it will be a fantastic opportunity for the selected organisations to get in front of investors operating in this space.

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