Digital Tools for Local Authorities – Networking Project

Posted on: 10/11/2022
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Local Authorities (LAs) in the UK are entering into a challenging time.  Resources are being cut but at the same time the capability of digital transformation tools, that would optimise these scarce resources, are entering an advanced state of deployment. 

Although many LAs are fully aware of these tools, they have yet to emerge into the marketplace where they could be explored.  Some LAs have begun to develop feasibly projects which have the potential to scale.  There are also groups of LAs that now have demonstrable Digital Intervention project that are now under review in terms of their performance.

This active interest group hosted by Innovate UK KTN sets out to:

  1. map out the local authority Challenge Areas where these digital transformation tools could be best placed to operate
  2. frame the UK business capability in these sectors, exposing the industrial competencies within these immersive and creative environments.

During this programme, Innovate UK KTN will host a series of events that will be focused on 3 main aspects:


Throughout our events, key stakeholders and creative solutions providers would have the opportunity to exchange knowledge, share experiences and their visions, discuss problems and challenges, and form collaborative solutions. The core structure of these events will be based on presentations from organisations that are working within Local Authorities and understand in depth the requirements and obstacles of digital interventions. We aim to inspire by showcasing case studies of successfully completed and ongoing digital projects and explore similarities across these different journeys.

Identify common targets and challenges

Similarities can be found within all stages of an intervention, from brainstorming though till the implementation. During our events, intelligence gathering activities will help us gather information that will highlight the most widely applicable opportunities for optimisation, but also to address the most common challenges.  This phase is particularly important as it will allow data-driven decision making on formulating future projects that could potentially be deployed in several locations simultaneously.

Explore solutions

We aim to understand and capture where challenges have already been addressed within the regions, where the best practice and lessons-learned can now be shared.  For there, there will be initiatives to explore where the new challenge agenda now lies that this community can unpack, explore and collaborate together on the move forward.

Who will benefit from this project

Local Authorities

This programme will enable the LAs to showcase exemplar projects with like-minded digital leads in other regions.  It will also enable them to learn from other areas to help them strategise for a digital intervention within their own operation.

Also, the programme will aim to create a knowledge hub where connection and access to experts will be readily to hand. The objectives of this hub include:

  • Digital Leads who are time pressured will be able to remain informed efficiently
  • Unpack where LA resources can be primed for optimisation which leads to potential budget saving opportunities
  • Utilise the network to be connected to expert advice through KTN

Solution Providers

This community hub will aim on the creation of a solutions portfolio that will include innovative tools and projects that span across almost all TRLs. This will allow the solution providers the chance to showcase the technology capability and the approach they took, but also to be informed on where the programme is opening up future markets for them.

In addition, within the programme’s events, there will be ability to:

  • Reach out, share and collaborate with others that have engaged with the hub.
  • Demonstrate the solutions’ development to be published on the community website.
  • Participate in active networking environments and both online and physical events.
  • Pitching programmes that will be embedded into the event agenda.
  • Access to KTN intelligence for the purposes of targeted consortia building.

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