The Move Towards Digital Interventions - Optimising Local Authority Digital Tools

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There has been a drive in recent times within local authorities to explore where digital tools can be implemented to support them in a variety of ways. This has included exploring option for new town planning and developments, infrastructure optimisation and resource efficiency. However, the use of these tools has been sporadic and often in isolation.

This event sets out to explore where some pioneering local authorities have been successful in the use of these enabling technologies and will be discussing where they see the “next steps” for this emerging market.

Who this recording is for

  • Decision makers within local authorities centred around planning, scheduling and strategy delivery.
  • Council leaders and programme managers directing the deployment of Net Zero and Energy System operations.
  • Contractors working closely with local authorities around their future delivery roadmaps and strategy
  • Digital and creative SMEs within platform development sectors
  • Investors supporting digital SME market opportunities
  • Major infrastructure programme investors
  • Tier 1 infrastructure contractors and heads of supply chains within infrastructure delivery working withing the digital tools product offerings.


  • To be informed of current programmes underway where digital and optimisation toolkits are being developed and deployed.
  • To get an insight in the “art of the possible” around this emerging sector capability
  • To move closer to a networking and knowledge sharing hub, managed by InnovateUK KTN and its partners.
  • To be informed of the up-and-coming market reinforming and opportunity exposure for UK platform developers.
  • To gain an understanding, as a solution practitioner, of how the Local Authorities are specifying their digital tool requirements.

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