Foundation Industries

Situated in our industrial heartlands, these sectors include metals, ceramics, glass, chemicals, paper and cement, producing 28m tonnes of material per year, and are worth £52bn annually to the UK economy.

The Foundation Industries (metals, ceramics, glass, chemicals, paper and cement) produce 28 million tonnes of materials per year in the UK, but in doing so are by far the UK’s biggest industrial polluters: around 50 million tonnes of CO2 per year, or 10% of the total CO2 emitted by UK homes and businesses. If we are to meet our Paris Climate Change Agreement to reduce our CO2 emissions by 80%, a transformational change is needed by these industries in how materials are sourced and processed, and the types of products manufactured. Developing a resource and energy efficient foundation industry will also help anchor production in the UK through increased competitiveness.

The UK funding landscape evolves at a rapid speed, with new initiatives and opportunities constantly announced. The TFI funding landscape will ensure you are up to date with key opportunities and developments so that you can be best equipped and prepared in accessing this funding.

The TFI funding landscape covers a wide range of opportunities related to the Foundation Industries. This includes an overview of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) opportunities, Global Challenges Research and Newton Fund, Eureka and Horizon Europe, equipping you with knowledge of the external landscape to ensure that you are aware and prepared for upcoming opportunities.

Read our latest perspective about the Innovate UK Transforming Foundation Industries (TFI) challenge here.

Lead Contact: Ajay Kapadia

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Women Innovators in the Foundation Industries (WINFI)

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