Materials Research Exchange 2024: event highlights

Highlights from the Reimagining Materials and Manufacturing Together team, who attended this year’s Materials Research Exchange.


Posted on: 18/06/2024

Celebrating its 10th year, Materials Research Exchange’s (MRE’s) Advanced Materials for the Future Conference was full of new insights about material research and innovations taking place across the UK.

The UK has clear potential to become a world-class destination of choice for advanced low-carbon manufacturing as set out in the Materials and Manufacturing Vision 2050. Three strategic imperatives for the UK materials and manufacturing communities to be internationally competitive are:

  • net zero and resource efficient
  • resilient and responsive
  • technologically advanced and digital

Innovate UK’s Reimagining materials and manufacturing together programme held a flagship event at MRE 2024 for over 1,000 attendees. The event provided the opportunity to network with leaders in resource-efficient and sustainable bio-based materials and manufacturing. It was a wonderful opportunity for industry and academic communities to collaborate, exchange ideas, and adopt the latest advances in materials science.

Seven insightful panel sessions and presentations covered recent workshops, how to get involved with funding opportunities, Life-cycle assessment (LCA) training and introductions from the UK materials and manufacturing companies recently supported by Innovate UK.

Watch our MRE 2024 recordings to find out more from these innovators working towards a more resource-efficient future and further experience the MRE 2024 atmosphere in the following video. Hear from Peter Clark, Head of Chemistry and Industrial Biotechnology at Innovate UK Business connect, as he outlines how important collaborating at events, such as MRE, is to accelerate our journey towards a net zero and more resource-efficient future.

The collaboration and community stand spaces were action packed on both days of MRE 2024, involving a range of researchers, academics, industry, government, investors, and innovators. In addition, the Biotech village for sustainability provided a successful platform to directly interact with leading innovators and to experience a wide range of recent material advances through the tactile sample displays.

Written by Cherie Gardiner, Programme Manager – Manufacturing and Materials, Innovate UK

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