Made Smarter - Innovation Network: Web Based Customer Order Tracking

Customers want to be able to track orders to help them plan better. In this webinar we will be looking at how manufacturers can gather, process and present data from the factory in sufficient detail to give customers visibility of their orders.

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We kicked off with industrial energy efficiency and now we’re really looking at web-based customer order tracking as part two of our exciting 12 week Made Smarter Innovation Network webinar series. Customers want to be able to track orders to help them plan better. They also need assurance of provenance and authenticity, be that anything from luxury textiles to batteries in automotive applications. In this webinar we will be looking at how manufacturers can gather, process and present data from the factory in sufficient detail to give customers visibility of their orders, and how exchanging data in the supply chain can allow product authenticity and provenance can be tracked to make it visible to the end user.

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The webinar will provide unique insight from manufacturers who have ‘done it’ (in this case Produmax), the technology provider who made it happen (Elements Technology), as well as a UK Tech Founder who is also innovating in this space (Everledger). There are many sources of support out there for manufacturers and tech developers, in this webinar we’ll hear about eFutures, the Network+ for electronic systems based at Queens University Belfast, with funding from EPSRC.

Our series of Made Smarter | Innovation Network webinars – delivered as part of the ISCF Manufacturing Made Smarter programme –  showcases the journeys of manufacturers innovating with digital technologies to improve the performance of their business, alongside digital technology providers creating innovative solutions to aid the manufacturers journey.

You can register for one or more of the webinars based on your specific areas of interest.

Manufacturing Made Smarter (MMS) is one of the Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund programmes, investing £147m into creating a fully connected, dynamic manufacturing ecosystem inspiring innovation across academia, technology providers and manufacturers.

Who should attend?

If you are a manufacturer aspiring to be more productive, efficient, competitive, resilient through the use of digital technologies, an integrator or a digital technology solution provider or developer who wants to reach a manufacturing audience, then this event series will be of interest to you.

Digital technology solution providers and developers engaged in the series will have early access to express their interest in taking a stand at Innovation Alley, within The Manufacturers inaugural exhibition Smart Factory Expo at Digital Manufacturing Week.


  • The Manufacturer – WE DID IT! – Produmax

We are excited to hear from Mandy Ridyard, Financial Director at Produmax Ltd. A precision engineering business, supplying to OEMs in the aerospace sector, Produmax is made up of Engineering Superheroes. This isn’t a statement made lightly, Mandy and the Produmax team are a values driven company who put their staff at the centre of everything they do. Hear from Mandy about that fits alongside their digital strategy, and their vision to define the cutting edge of precision engineering capability.

  • The Tech Provider – WE MADE IT POSSIBLE! – Elements Technology

Joe Hansaker, founder of Elements Technology, is on a mission to create simple ways to make your factory smart. Focussing on what you need from factory management systems, Joe and the team have created tools that run on familiar systems and feel intuitive to use. One key feature has been the ability to track progress of jobs, hence being able to communicate order progress to the customer. With support from Innovate UK, further development is about co commence around supply chain management tools to complement this no-nonsense approach to digital manufacturing.

  • The UK Tech Founder – WE’RE INNOVATING IT – Everledger

Eser Torun is pushing the boundaries of supply train tracking to put information in the hands of consumers, with assurance spanning raw material extraction through to finished goods. Everledger is an innovative technology company that helps businesses surface and converge asset information, using a symphony of secure technologies, including blockchain, AI and IoT. Their purpose is to contribute greater clarity and confidence in the marketplaces where transparency is a strategic imperative. Eser will explain their role in UK high value manufacturing and supply chain trust.

  • The UK Manufacturing Supporter – WE’RE STANDARDISING IT – GS1 

Harshal Gore from GS1 is the Industry Engagement Director. GS1 help everyone involved in making, moving and trading goods to automate and standardise their supply chain processes using the common language of GS1 global standards. GS1 standards have provided a common foundation for business since the first bar code was scanned more than 40 years ago. Application of this technology, that was born in retail, to have a standard approach right back through the supply chain offers huge advantages to manufacturers.

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