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Ensuring your finished product meets the requirements of your customers is the difference between selling your product (and not). This event will explore how the application of digital technology may improve production quality directly or reduce the time involved in ensuring quality through management and data sharing activity.

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Our series of Made Smarter | Innovation Network webinars – delivered as part of the ISCF Manufacturing Made Smarter programme –  showcases the journeys of manufacturers innovating with digital technologies to improve the performance of their business, alongside digital technology providers creating innovative solutions to aid the manufacturers journey.

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You can register for one or more of the webinars based on your specific areas of interest.

Manufacturing Made Smarter (MMS) is one of the Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund programmes, investing £147m into creating a fully connected, dynamic manufacturing ecosystem inspiring innovation across academia, technology providers and manufacturers.

Who should attend?

If you are a manufacturer aspiring to be more productive, efficient, competitive, resilient through the use of digital technologies, an integrator or a digital technology solution provider or developer who wants to reach a manufacturing audience, then this event series will be of interest to you.

Digital technology solution providers and developers engaged in the series will have early access to express their interest in taking a stand at Innovation Alley, within The Manufacturers inaugural exhibition Smart Factory Expo at Digital Manufacturing Week.

Quality Management Systems

Ensuring a finished product meets the requirements of your customers can be the difference between selling your product (or not).  This event will explore the application of digital technology either to improve production quality directly or reduce the time involved in ensuring quality through improved management and data sharing activity.

With speakers who are using digital technologies to address the implementation of quality processes in their day to day working practices, the webinar covers a number of examples of ways to implement transformations in quality systems that should be of general interest to manufacturing businesses.

As always in this series, we will start with a business, Crover, who has a need for change, and therefore the desire to innovate. Many companies do not have the in-house capabilities to make these changes and the second speaker NPL will discuss how they have worked with them to improve and implement new quality processes.

The third speaker will present the work on IfM’s “Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring” programme that has focussed on working with SMEs to understand their needs and help them implement digital solutions.  They will include case studies relating to quality systems.

Our final speaker will discuss some of the support programmes that are available at the National Measurement Service to improve their business and quality.  The case studies will illustrate the broad range of projects they have worked with and their impact.

The webinar includes a panel Q&A with all four speakers, plus time for informal networking with the speakers and delegates, helping you to connect around your own innovation needs.


  • 10:10 | The Manufacturer – WE DID IT! – Crover

Lorenzo Conti is the founder and managing director of Crover, a technology provider for the agricultural sector. They have developed a unique in-silo drone solution that automates the monitoring of grain. Lorenzo will talk about the unique solution for grain storage, the quality issues they had and how they resolved that issue.

  • 10:20 | The Tech Provider – WE MAKE IT POSSIBLE! – NPL

Timothy Kamps is a research scientist at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), specialising in friction wearing and lubrication. NPL and their National Measurement Laboratory partners provide access to world-class specialist measurement science and engineering support, advice and facilities for UK companies. Timothy will present the measurement technique NPL developed to help Cover identify different grain sizes and materials.

  • 10:30 | The UK Tech Founder – WE’RE INNOVATING IT – IfM Engage

Liz Salter is an industrial associate at the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), working on the “Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring” project. The project is committed to opening up digitalisation to small and medium-sized companies, by demonstrating how low-cost solutions, using off-the-shelf technologies and open-source software, can be added to any manufacturer’s production processes easily and incrementally. Liz will introduce two demonstrators related to automated quality inspection which will be implemented in two different industries that are manufacturing and construction.

  • 10:40 | The UK Manufacturing Supporter – WE’RE SUPPORTING IT – NPL

Glenis Tellett is the enterprise manager at NPL, working on the Manufacturing for Recovery (M4R) and other programmes. The M4R programme has helped organisations address a range of issues including design, manufacturing, production and processing, regulatory compliance and product development, including our manufacturer today, Crover. Glenis will introduce the M4R programme, present case studies and talk about how M4R helped Clover.

  • 10:50 | NETWORKING

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Made Smarter | Innovation Network

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