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Scaling up to mass produce a product in line with specific customer’s needs and preferences is an art! In this webinar we will explore strategies to undertake this skill keeping unit costs low.

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Our series of Made Smarter | Innovation Network webinars – delivered as part of the ISCF Manufacturing Made Smarter programme –  showcases the journeys of manufacturers innovating with digital technologies to improve the performance of their business, alongside digital technology providers creating innovative solutions to aid the manufacturers journey.

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You can register for one or more of the webinars based on your specific areas of interest.

Manufacturing Made Smarter (MMS) is one of the Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund programmes, investing £147m into creating a fully connected, dynamic manufacturing ecosystem inspiring innovation across academia, technology providers and manufacturers.

Scaling up to mass produce a product in line with specific customer’s needs and preferences is an art!  In this webinar we will explore strategies in adopting technological solutions to undertake this skill while keeping unit costs low.

As always in this series, we will start with a business who has a need for change and therefore the desire to innovate. We have two technology providers who are innovating to meet the needs of manufacturers, one of which helped our manufacturer on their journey to digitalisation. Finally, we have a speaker from the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) who will tell us about the Smart Factory Innovation Hub Pilot and how they can support manufacturers and tech providers.

The webinar includes a panel Q&A with all four speakers and an informal networking session with the speakers and delegates, helping you to connect around your own innovation needs.

Who should attend?

If you are a manufacturer aspiring to be more productive, efficient, competitive, resilient through the use of digital technologies, an integrator or a digital technology solution provider or developer who wants to reach a manufacturing audience, then this event series will be of interest to you.

Digital technology solution providers and developers engaged in the series will have early access to express their interest in taking a stand at Innovation Alley, within The Manufacturers inaugural exhibition Smart Factory Expo at Digital Manufacturing Week.


  • 10:10 | The Manufacturer – WE DID IT! – EvenKeel Performance Insoles

David Santopietro is the Co-Founder and CEO of EvenKeel Performance Insoles, a provider and manufacturer of custom orthotic insoles. They saw an opportunity to use technology to drive consistency and efficiency across patient care. David will explain how they used digital technologies to aid mass customisation and digitalise the process.

  • 10:20 | The Tech Provider – WE MAKE IT POSSIBLE! – CAE Tech

Xenia Pie is a Mechanical and Software Engineer at CAE Tech, a technology provider for mass customisation. Xenia will discuss what they have done in mass customisation and show how they helped EvenKeel create a mass-customised workflow from design through to manufacturing.

  • 10:30 | The UK Tech Founder – WE’RE INNOVATING IT – AMO

Rich Ingram is the Co-Founder and Director of AMO, a software company that offers a tool for selling bespoke products online. The software collects needs, checks designs, advises on options and calculates the price in a completely automated way. Rich will talk about the software and present a use case and how the software can help reduce the carbon footprint.

  • 10:40 | The UK Manufacturing Supporter – WE’RE SUPPORTING IT – MTC

Tom Driscoll is a Principal Research Engineer in the MTC’s Digital Engineering group. The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) focuses on delivering manufacturing system solutions through the collaboration between academia and industry. Tom will present several projects, including projects on mass customisation, carried out in the Smart Factory Innovation Hub Pilot whose aim was to improve access to digital technologies, both for manufacturers and tech developers. He will also talk about the support MTC provides.

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Made Smarter Innovation Network

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