Whilst robotics has traditionally been used for repeat operations in high-volume manufacturing, advances in artificial intelligence and other component technologies are opening a myriad of exciting possibilities for more varied and complex applications.

Incorporating digital features such as machine vision and machine learning equips robots with the ability to identify objects and make appropriate decisions about the actions they perform – reducing the need for remote control and fixed trajectory programming. From harvesting our food to assisting us in our homes as we grow older, intelligent robots have the potential to help address many of the key challenges impacting societies around the world today.

Our goal is to help you form powerful collaborations across the Robotics and AI community in the UK, and turn your ambitious ideas into real-world solutions. We use our deep expertise and diverse connections to offer you direct support, and link you to relevant funding opportunities and potential partners.

We can help organisations from any sector, large or small, that wish to develop or deploy Robotics & AI; Investors wishing to connect with high potential Robotics & AI innovation companies; Innovators developing new component technologies which can advance Robotics & AI capabilities.

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