Lasse Melgaard

Using microbiology expertise to turn tonnes of surplus fruit into wine


Two Raccoons





Sustainability & Circular Economy

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Using microbiology expertise to turn tonnes of surplus fruit into wine

Born in Denmark, microbiologist Lasse Melgaard is passionate about turning waste into value. When he moved to Aberdeen and saw how much fruit was being thrown out, he realised this surplus could be used to make wine – and Two Raccoons was born.

Lasse won the Young Innovators Award just three months after launching his first product. Two Raccoons has grown rapidly, creating a website, securing large suppliers of surplus ingredients and expanding to retailers across Scotland. Lasse has also learnt about critical areas for the business, including IP protection and supply chains.

The programme’s mentoring helped Lasse to develop his ideas and access market analysis, which informed his decision making. He’s since moved to Glasgow where there’s more surplus fruit, as well as partnership opportunities with wholesalers and food banks. He’s also found innovative ways to use the winemaking waste product, successfully trialling mushroom cultivation on the fermented fruit pulp.

After winning the Next Steps Award, Lasse hopes to repurpose 10-15 tonnes of fruits over the next year and inspire other upcoming entrepreneurs to think about the circular economy.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing the ambitions and struggles of being a starting entrepreneur with other young people. Having so much creativity and excitement around us fuelled our growth and expanded our perspective on what we can become.”


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