Jess Strain

Using software to create more traceable and ethical fashion supply chains


How Ethical Is Your Wardrobe


South West (England)


Digital & Creative

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Using software to create more traceable and ethical fashion supply chains

While studying textile design at university, Jess Strain realised how little transparency there was in the supply chains of industrial suppliers and high street retailers.

It gave her the idea for How Ethical Is Your Wardrobe, a software which cuts through the noise and allows businesses to show consumers where and how their garments are made. The aim is to ultimately create more traceable, equitable and ethical supply chains in fashion.

During the Young Innovators Award, Jess pivoted from a product to service-based business, which better aligned with her values. With the help of the Next Steps Award, she plans to work alongside an industry partner to develop a minimum viable product (MVP).

Jess explains that the Young Innovators Award has been invaluable in boosting her confidence as an entrepreneur, connecting her with other inspiring young innovators and helping her stay on track.

“It’s too easy as a solo founder to glaze over accomplishments as you’re always focused on the next step. But having weekly mentoring meetings meant I had to talk through what I’d achieved and struggled with. I could get out of my own head and listen to the wisdom of an Innovation Growth Specialist who’s been through this all before.”


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