George Terry

Developing a micro-turbine to provide clean, affordable power in water networks


Vysion Technologies



East of England


Sustainability & Circular Economy

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Developing a micro-turbine to provide clean, affordable power in water networks

George Terry founded Vysion Technologies when he discovered that water pipeline networks lacked a cost-effective and sustainable power source for remote monitoring equipment. Single-use, short-life batteries were still being used as a stopgap solution, hindering the transition to a digital infrastructure.

Leveraging his background in mechanical engineering, George created a micro-turbine that harvests electricity from the pipe flow to provide clean, reliable and affordable power almost anywhere in the network.

The Young Innovators Award has enabled George to build partnerships with sector organisations, apply for patents and develop further technologies to support his core energy harvesting innovation. He also benefited from connecting with like-minded individuals and tapping into his Innovation Growth Specialist’s expertise to secure further grant funding.

Now, with the funding provided by the Young Innovators Next Steps Award, George can start live trials of his technologies and gain critical feedback for the next stage of development.

“The Young Innovators Next Steps Award is perfectly placed to fund our live pilot phase for our technology. This opportunity will enable us to gather real-life data which will be used to improve our technology and validate our value proposition. If successful, this will lead to further partnerships, private finance and commercial opportunities,” George says.


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