Albie Baker-Smith

Designing an online travel tool to help large firms cut carbon emissions





South West


Sustainability & Circular Economy

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Designing an online travel tool to help large firms cut carbon emissions

Albie Baker-Smith was inspired to start RouteZero while trying to find the greenest travel route for a holiday.

RouteZero is a web-based tool designed to help people and businesses identify the most eco-friendly travel route. The company has a particular spotlight on large enterprises, where Albie explains the potential for carbon reduction is “significant”.

Since winning the Young Innovators Award, Albie has deployed RouteZero’s minimum viable product (MVP) to several large enterprise customers with a global staff base. He’s also established partnerships with leading train and micro-mobility travel providers, which will help to create a more seamless customer experience.

Albie credits the programme with providing invaluable pitch coaching and advice, which has helped him to secure additional grant funding. The Award also boosted his credibility when pitching to investors and customers, and enabled him to build up RouteZero’s brand.

With the support of the Young Innovators Next Steps Awards, Albie now plans to expand his team and add more functionality to advance the product beyond the MVP stage.

“Our long-term ambitions revolve around making a substantial contribution to combatting climate change. By collaborating with thousands of enterprise customers, we aim to prevent 10 million tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.”


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