Cybersecurity in Japan 2023

At the end of February and early March 2023, Innovate UK through the Global Expert Mission programme visited Tokyo, Japan to gain a more in-depth understanding of the cyber security ecosystem in the country and to identify mutually beneficial opportunities for collaboration.


Cybersecurity in Japan 2023





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Abstract from outcome report:

Japan has a very young but evolving cyber security ecosystem which is supported by recent Government policy and funding and direct initiatives to support its development alongside the wider accelerated growth of the start-up ecosystem as a whole in Japan. There is activity both in the corporate and public sectors around cyber security and a recognition of its importance as a high priority. The drive to improve cyber security within Japan is directly related to the increased push for digital transformation and the evolution towards Society 5.0.

The start-up ecosystem has some way to go in Japan before it reaches a level of maturity that is comparable to its economic counterparts such as the United States, China, UK, Germany, and France. Recent government policy recognises that and is aimed to create more of an environment and culture that will see innovation and entrepreneurship flourish at pace within Japan. Whilst the private investment landscape is currently limited there are positive signs of change on that front and the policy that allows pension funds to play a role in this could have a significant impact.

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The Global Expert Missions (GEM) programme is funded by Innovate UK and designed to build international collaborations with governments, societies, enterprises, institutions, and people from every corner of the globe. With global challenges requiring international perspectives, the programme aims to support the UK government’s ambition to be the international partner of choice and a global hub for innovation by 2035.


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