Cybersecurity in Australia 2022

The Cybersecurity Global Expert Mission (GEM) visited Australia (Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney) in October 2022 to gain a more in depth understanding of the cybersecurity ecosystem and identify opportunities for collaboration.


Cybersecurity in Australia 2022





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Abstract from outcome report:

Australia has a young but growing cybersecurity ecosystem supported by government funding and direct initiatives to support its growth both by the federal and state governments. Most of the activity is focused on four states/territories, and the ecosystems primarily focus on the main local markets. These ecosystems are well coordinated through state-led support. The private investment landscape is patchy, with start-ups having to look to the US and, regionally, to Singapore to raise funding.

Australia also recognises the global opportunity, and they have a well-defined international engagement strategy alongside initiatives like the Landing Pads programme designed to accelerate growth in the sector and position Australia at the heart of global activity in the cybersecurity area. The United Kingdom and Australia maintain a long-standing partnership in the realm of defence and security, including being members of the Five Eyes, Five Power Defence Arrangements and most recently, AUKUS.

About Global Expert Missions

The Global Expert Missions (GEM) programme is funded by Innovate UK to support the Industrial Strategy’s ambition for the UK to be the international partner of choice for science and innovation. Led by Innovate UK KTN, GEMs play an important role in building strategic partnerships, providing deep insight into the opportunities for UK innovation and shaping future bilateral collaboration programmes.


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