Making IoT device connections secure with privacy-preserving AI




Imperial College London




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Market Need

The security and privacy of IoT devices is hard to control, making them vulnerable to attackers and malware. With 636 million people worldwide using IoTs in their home, the risk is palpable, as the team behind IoTrim discovered after substantial research.

Through extensive testing and research, the team found that the tools available right now simply don’t work as they should. Many are unreliable, don’t notify users of threats, can slow down the internet connection or even pose further risk from third-party services.


The team wanted to create a tool which anyone can use without needing specialist expertise. They created IoTrim to help monitor and block non-essential network activities, as well as identify device exposure and security threats, in an easy-to-use, ‘plug and play’ system.

Using privacy-preserving AI techniques, IoTrim builds insights and behavioural models, preventing violations of privacy by intercepting and blocking information exposure to third-party analytics and service providers. The solution uses unique methodology and can be built into the router itself.

Target Market

  • Internet service providers (ISPs)
  • Router manufacturers
  • VPN providers

Status & Needs

  • In contact with majors ISPs
  • Phase 2 will see PoC feasibility study
  • Seeking production expertise to optimise software

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