Innovation Exchange challenge: Measuring Atmospheric Stability through Measurements of Temperature, Humidity and Pressure in Remote Marine Locations

Innovation Exchange seeks to identify innovative solutions for measuring atmospheric stability in remote marine locations.

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Selected solution provider(s) may have the opportunity to present their solution to Ocean Winds. It is also possible that further activities may be undertaken Ocean Winds, such as product trials. This is not guaranteed and will be solely at the discretion of Ocean Winds.

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The iX programme is supporting Ocean Winds (a 50-50 joint venture of ENGIE and EDP Renewables) to find innovators who can provide a solution to the offshore wind industry’s atmospheric stability measurement challenge. Ocean Winds wishes to engage innovators that can enable better measurements of vertical profiles of temperature, pressure and water content (relative humidity), up to 500m in height, in a marine environment.

The challenge

Atmospheric stability/instability affects the energy production of offshore wind farms: Typically, the more stability, the longer the wakes produced by turbines, the more the turbines are affected downstream, the less production of the wind farm. And vice versa.

Atmospheric stability is usually calculated by inputting the vertical profiles of the following three key parameters into a model: temperature, pressure and water content (relative humidity).

Currently, atmospheric stability in marine environments cannot be derived from direct measurements or observations of the above parameters because traditional meteorological masts are no longer being installed and measurement buoys can’t make the same job. So, it can be only estimated via proxies, such as:

  • Temperature difference of the sea vs. the air, limited to “close to sea-surface” measurements only.
  • PBL height, estimated by refraction/reflection of the signal of a long-range vertical LiDAR.
  • Wind speed turbulence and shear. Low turbulence and strong shear are indicative of stability.

The use of these proxies adds a degree of uncertainty that Ocean Winds is trying to eliminate with this challenge.

The challenge is how to measure the vertical profiles of temperature, pressure and water content (relative humidity) in the marine environments in the locations of Ocean Winds offshore wind farms.

The ideal outcome would be to have a time series of atmospheric stability in marine environments, to be used for high fidelity turbine wake modelling and for power performance assessment.

Whilst not limiting the technologies from solution providers, it is expected that applicants would consider innovations from some of the following areas:

  • Sensors and monitoring
  • Remote sensing
  • Robotics and mechatronics
  • UAVs and drones
  • Aerospace engineering and manufacturing
  • Satellite Applications
  • Smart autonomous systems
  • High accuracy positioning systems

To meet the desired timescale and risks, it is preferred that the proposed solution, or the key part(s) of the solution, has been commercially proven in other sectors, but this is not essential. Ideally, solutions should be TRL 5+ or deployable for field tests within one years of competition closure, but Ocean Winds will also consider earlier stage technology.


Entrants to this competition must be:

  • Established businesses, academic institutions, start-ups, SMEs, or individual entrepreneurs
  • UK based or have the intention to set up a UK base

Rewards & benefits

Successful applicants will be given an opportunity to pitch to Ocean Winds. Selected solutions may be trialled by Ocean Winds with potential for further adoption if trials are successful.

The solution has potential to be deployed across Ocean Winds sites and is applicable to the entire global offshore wind industry.

The benefits package for a successful applicant may also include the following from Innovate UK Business Connect:

  • Support identifying the route for development of a prototype or pilot
  • Technical support
  • Invitation to attend or present at Innovate UK Business Connect events
  • Investor introductions (if investment is required)
  • Support if any Innovate UK or similar competitions are relevant.

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