Transforming bicycle security: an interview with BICYCURE

The Net Zero Places Innovation Network recently spoke with Ray Burridge from network member BICYCURE about their innovate bicycle security system.


The BICYCURE security system gives cyclists peace of mind by ensuring complete protection for their bicycles, which incentivises commuters to minimise their car use and helps to accelerate local Net Zero goals.


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The Net Zero Places Innovation Network supports local authorities with their Net Zero journey, and engages with many businesses across a wide range of sectors to support them in public sector procurement. It aims to bring the latest products and services to the forefront, to ensure local authorities are aware of the innovations being developed across the UK.

Improving bike security

Could you share a bit about the inspiration behind BICYCURE and what drove you to develop this innovative bike security system?

The journey started when I, a retired police officer, became increasingly concerned about the rising number of bicycle thefts. I wanted to create a solution that would not only prevent theft but also instil confidence in cyclists to use their bikes without fear. It all began with a personal encounter with a young lad who had lost his bike, potentially stolen, and that moment fuelled my determination to make bicycles more secure to stop this happening.

It’s commendable how personal experiences can drive innovation. Can you tell us more about the features that make BICYCURE unique in addressing the challenges of bike theft?

Certainly! BICYCURE utilises smartphone technology to provide a highly secure bike locking system. The core idea involves putting a bar through the frame of the bike and using a phone app for locking and unlocking. It’s a quick and efficient process with no keys involved, making it especially convenient for kids who might be playing around. The system is designed to withstand attacks, including those from portable angle grinders, ensuring both beauty and strength.

How has the system performed in real-world scenarios? Have there been instances of bikes being stolen while using BICYCURE?

Not at all. In a 20-year period with over 30 installations across the country, there were no reported bike thefts. Even with the earlier coin-return locks, which were more vulnerable, there was no sign of the system being attacked. The transition to our app system has only strengthened the security measures in place.

What about the security of the bike’s components, like the front wheel? And are there additional security features?

The design includes a tapered gully for the wheels, making removal of the front wheel more difficult. The configuration of the back wheel, when locked up, is intentionally intricate, deterring theft attempts. Inside each upright, the workings have been designed by a Master Locksmith, ensuring the highest level of security. In case of any unforeseen circumstances, there’s a discerning 12v alarm system to further protect against attacks. 


An affordable solution

How about the cost implications of implementing BICYCURE? Can you share some insights into the economic aspect of adopting this system? 

Affordability is a key consideration. The cost is designed to be reasonable, considering it as an investment in security. It amounts to just 2p a day for security, which is a significant value compared to buying multiple traditional D-clamps. Moreover, local authorities, leisure centres, and employers can recover their investment through app downloads, making it a financially appealing solution.

How do you see BICYCURE contributing to local net-zero goals and encouraging more people to choose cycling?

BICYCURE is a game-changer for local authorities and organisations promoting sustainable transportation. By ensuring near-impossible theft of bikes, more people will be inclined to leave their cars behind, supporting local net-zero goals. It’s not just about preventing theft; it’s about creating a secure environment that encourages and promotes cycling as a safe and convenient mode of transportation. Many people are put off by spending hundreds of pounds on a bike, only for it to be stolen- if we can protect the bike, we can get more people out and about taking part in active travel and reducing the numbers of cars on our roads.

For more information on BICYCURE or if you would like to speak with Ray, please contact Simon de Garis for an introduction.

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