Reimagining materials and manufacturing together

Now is the time to reimagine manufacturing together. The UK has clear potential to become a world-class destination of choice for advanced low-carbon manufacturing.

Materials and manufacturing play a vital role in the UK economy through driving innovation, exports, job creation, productivity and growth. These sectors must also adjust to meet climate change targets, adopt new technologies and adapt to changing customer demands.

Innovate UK’s 2050 vision document is a re-imagination of materials and manufacturing together. It’s a document that delves into the challenges and opportunities that lie in front of the UK materials and manufacturing sectors in the coming decades.

With more than 170 recent references analysed and more than 120 stakeholders consulted, this is one of the most comprehensive studies of its kind.

Key findings

To be internationally competitive we see that there are three strategic imperatives.

Net zero and resource efficient

To understand and minimise the environmental impact across the full operation and whole product lifecycle.


Resilient and responsive

To mitigate risks from critical supply, national/global disruption and climate change therefore becoming increasingly resilient.


Technologically advanced and digital

To adopt digital and advanced technology to improve efficiency, visibility across supply chains and apply novel business models.


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Impact Stories

Explore a selection of successful projects supported by the Innovate UK’s Materials and Manufacturing team, including those funded under the NICER programme.

Our Experts

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Resource Efficiency for Materials and Manufacturing (REforMM)

Resource Efficiency for Materials and Manufacturing (REforMM)

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Sustainable bio-based Materials and Manufacture (SusBioMM)

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