Driving the Electric Revolution: Metals Technology Deep Dive Report

Industry insights into metals of the future and their importance in the sustainable materials sector landscape as well as advancing technologies such as semiconductors.

Posted on: 23/02/2024

Driving the Electric Revolution Metals Technology Report - Robotic arm for electronic assembly line. Smart modern factory automation using advanced machines. Generative AIBy 2040, global demand for rare Earth elements is likely to significantly increase as energy production transitions to become more innovative and renewable. The UK industry has a growing need to invest in innovative, efficient manufacturing, to find a way to reduce energy costs and overheads, and to improve productivity to help keep the UK PEMD supply chain competitive and ensure everyone benefits environmentally, socially and economically.

Key findings

As the UK continues its journey towards a net zero economy, using more environmentally friendly, efficient metals will enable us to strategically reduce our carbon footprint and achieve the country’s ambitious vision of a fully sustainable future. In order to achieve these goals, this report explores several key focus areas including:

  • The UK critical minerals supply chain
  • The importance of non-ferrous metals, silicon and ferro-alloys
  • A detailed breakdown of the current sector landscape; and the challenges that those working in the field are facing
  • A supply chain impact analysis to assess how using new recycling and remanufacturing processes can improve the sustainability and efficiency of the supply chain
  • Emerging metals that are critical to PEMD such as electrical conductors, electrical steels and magnets

Read the report from UKRI’s Driving the Electric Revolution Challenge, delivered by Innovate UK, to deep dive into the technical details of the future of the electrification and metals technology industry.

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