Developing sustainable roofing solutions for the social housing sector: an interview with ACTL

The Net Zero Places Innovation Network recently spoke with Stephen Pattenden from network member ACTL about their innovative roofing solution, Power Roof.

About ACTL

ACTL are helping to make Net Zero a reality by providing a sustainable, affordable weatherproofing and solar energy solution for the social housing sector.


About the Net Zero Places Innovation Network

The Net Zero Places Innovation Network supports local authorities with their Net Zero journey, and engages with many businesses across a wide range of sectors to support them in public sector procurement. It aims to bring the latest products and services to the forefront, to ensure local authorities are aware of the innovations being developed across the UK.

An eco-innovative approach

We’re eager to learn more about Power-Roof and how it aligns with our mission of promoting sustainable solutions. Could you provide some insights into the inspiration behind Power-Roof and its unique features?

Power-Roof was born out of our commitment to revolutionise the social housing sector. We wanted to create a solution that not only addressed the need for roof replacements but also contributed significantly to sustainability goals. Power-Roof is a fully integrated roof cassette that combines weatherproofing and solar energy generation, making it an eco-innovative approach for social housing providers.

How does Power-Roof cater specifically to the social housing sector, and what are its standout features?

Power-Roof’s standout feature is its suitability for retrofitting onto existing houses, a common need in the social housing sector. The process involves efficient removal of tiles and the installation of the Power-Roof cassette. The speed of deployment is impressive – we had a house watertight in less than a day with 14 panels. This minimises disruption for tenants, a critical consideration in social housing.

Can you elaborate on the benefits that Power-Roof brings to social housing providers and local authorities? 

The benefits are multifaceted. First, the precision and efficiency of manufacturing in climate-controlled conditions ensure high quality and a seamless fit on most roofs. Rapid deployment is another advantage, with the roof cassette becoming operational within hours. The cost savings are substantial, as Power-Roof can provide up to 100% of a house’s heat requirements, resulting in improved affordability, tenant satisfaction, and reliable rent payments. 

The economic viability and reduced heat loss aspects are compelling. How does Power-Roof contribute to sustainability goals, and what’s its impact on carbon emissions?

Power-Roof plays a crucial role in sustainability. It generates solar energy, reduces heat loss through the roof, and contributes to a significant reduction in carbon emissions—up to 40% of a house’s heating costs. Moreover, it pays for itself in just 6 to 10 years, providing a predictable income stream for social housing providers and making it an attractive financial proposition.


Transforming social housing portfolios

How do you envision Power-Roof transforming social housing portfolios in the long run?

We believe that incorporating Power-Roof into social housing portfolios can be transformative. It not only addresses energy inefficiencies and high living costs but also contributes to the overall sustainability of housing estates. By harnessing solar energy, reducing heat loss, and providing affordable, eco-friendly heating options, Power-Roof sets a new standard for social housing providers.

Power-Roof indeed represents a game-changer in our collective pursuit of a greener, more efficient, and socially responsible housing sector. How can people reach out to you to find out more?

We’re excited about the potential impact Power-Roof can have, and we appreciate Innovate UK’s support in driving this innovation forward.

For further information or inquiries, feel free to reach out to Simon de Garis.

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