Unlocking innovation funding: Horizon Europe Energy opportunities for UK organisations

Conall McGinley, Horizon Europe UK National Contact Point for Energy and Global Innovation Lead for Energy at Innovate UK, highlights opportunities for UK organisations and the support available.

Posted on: 27/11/2023

In today’s rapidly changing world, innovation is the driving force behind sustainable growth and global competitiveness. Organisations in the UK seeking to pioneer ground-breaking energy solutions have access to a breadth of energy innovation funding covering activity at a range of technology maturities and funding scales. One of the key sources of funding for collaborative innovation projects focused on cutting-edge energy technology is Horizon Europe.

Horizon Europe, the European Union’s flagship research and innovation programme, offers an array of opportunities through its Energy Calls. These calls can support UK organisations looking to secure vital funding for their innovative energy projects. In this article, we will explore the many benefits of Horizon Europe funding and why UK organisations should seize this opportunity.


Access to substantial funding

Horizon Europe is one of the world’s largest research and innovation programmes, with a budget of €95.5 billion.  There is currently €470m of Horizon Europe funding available across 37 funding energy innovation funding calls that UK organisations can access to bring their innovative ideas to life. The funding calls cover a breadth of technologies focused on creating the next generation of energy generation technologies, reducing energy consumption in the built environment and pushing forward the hydrogen technologies of the future.

The UK has accessed over €400m through Horizon Europe for energy innovation funding, benefiting universities, research centres, businesses and local authorities in every region of the UK.


Horizon Europe: The Energy Series

Innovate UK, in collaboration with the UK National Contact Point for Energy, will host ‘Opportunities in Horizon Europe: The Energy Series‘ online webinars in January 2024 in the areas of Clean Hydrogen and Decarbonation of the Built Environment.

These webinars will not only give an overview of the forthcoming energy related funding calls, but also offer advice for those looking to either submit a proposal idea as a lead coordinator or join a consortium for the 2024 Call Topics, as well as project idea pitch opportunities, Q&A, a case study, networking, and support from both the Innovate UK Europe team and the Innovate UK National Contact Point.

The funding calls for the Clean Hydrogen event will cover themes such as energy generation, energy distribution, energy storage, and energy transmission. The Decarbonisation for the Built Environment event will cover digital and robotic solutions, the Build4People Partnership, integration for prefabricated solutions, and smart grid-ready buildings.


What’s next?

Horizon Europe’s Energy Calls present an unparalleled opportunity for UK organisations seeking innovation funding in the energy sector. The benefits extend far beyond financial support, encompassing international collaboration, cutting-edge research, and the chance to address global challenges. By participating in these calls, UK organisations can secure their position as leaders in energy innovation and contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous future.

The most important consideration for organisations considering Horizon Europe is time: ensuring enough time to prepare a proposal and taking advantage of publicly available support is crucial.

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