Innovate UK seeks public input for international collaboration on digital ethics

The Digital Ethics Global Scoping Workshop survey will gather diverse perspectives and insights on a range of digital ethics topics in high-growth sectors such as finance, insurance, health and media. It aims to support businesses engaged with new regulations and encourage them to create and scale up solutions that connect with consumers and mitigate digital ethics risks.

Posted on: 03/01/2024

Digital ethics

The survey seeks to understand public opinion in areas such as the ethical use of data privacy, artificial intelligence, and algorithmic decision-making. Innovate UK are particularly interested in a wide range of views to ensure the survey captures a broad spectrum of opinions. Complete our survey to have your say on digital ethics and for the chance to join our exclusive workshop. The survey submission deadline is 12 March 2024.

International collaboration for innovation

Innovate UK recognises the importance of international collaboration in driving innovation and ensuring that digital twin technology benefits people across the globe. By expanding their collaboration efforts, Innovate UK aims to foster partnerships and knowledge exchange among countries to unlock the full potential of digital ethics.

Have a voice in shaping the future

At the end of the survey, participants will have the opportunity to express their interest in attending an Innovate UK Global Scoping Workshop (GSW) on digital ethics. The workshop, planned for 12 March 2024, will bring together experts, stakeholders and thought leaders to explore emerging challenges and technologies, as well as opportunities in the digital ethics landscape.

Help us shape the future of digital ethics.

How to participate

Have your say by simply clicking the link below and completing the survey. Don’t miss this chance for collaborating internationally to help shape the future of digital ethics.

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