Fashion comes full circle during UK-Nigeria Circular Fashion exploratory trip

Nigeria is one of Africa’s most vibrant and dynamic fashion markets. Both the UK and Nigeria share a common goal – to create a high impact, innovative but socially responsible fashion industry. This trip aims to lay the foundation for an Innovate UK UKNigeria Circular Fashion Innovation Network fostering relationships and opportunities for future collaboration within the industry. 


Posted on: 20/10/2023
Nigeria Global Innovation Network Sustainable Fashion Africa Trip

A diverse group of UK experts will be travelling to Nigeria from the 22 – 27 of October 2023 for an agenda full of knowledge exchange, industry engagement and exploratory dialogues in driving sustainable change in the fashion industry that will benefit Nigeria and the UK through unlocking the collective power of innovators in both countries through a successful and impactful Innovation Network. The trip will be led by Innovate UK’s Global Alliance Africa team, working in collaboration with the Department for Business and Trade (DBT).  

This year alone, the Nigerian fashion market is projected to reach US$1.31bn. The capabilities for textile manufacturing and design will have a significant impact on the economy. During the trip, we will explore key themes with the full spectrum of circular fashion – from design, fabrication, waste, recycle/reuse to innovative business models.  

In particular, the delegates will participate in the following activities:  

Day 1 

On Tuesday 24 October, delegates will attend a Circular Fashion in Nigeria event followed by a visit to Sunflag Nigeria Limited, before a meeting with the Special Adviser to the Governor of Lagos State on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the Lagos Government State. The Special Adviser will discuss the United Nations SDGs and the state’s Circular Economy ambition.  

Day 2 

On Wednesday 25 October, Innovate UK will host a Circular Economy Innovation Network hybrid event, then it is time to visit the GMYT Fashion Academy, and to end another busy day, there will be a business reception in partnership with the DBT at the British High Commission. 

Day 3 

On Thursday 26 October, this day will consist of an Innovate UK Circular Fashion Breakfast Dialogue to have an open discussion about the collaborative opportunities inproducing sustainable materials and industry practices that fit into the circular economy. Lagos Fashion Week and the OSC Fashion School is next on the agenda and finally a trip to the Nike Arts Gallery. 

Day 4 

On the final day of the exploratory trip, participants will be visiting Ash Luxury, an e-commerce fashion business that sells designer clothes and accessories. Finally, the delegation will visit the Alara Lagos shop to conclude the trip. 

Innovations take centre stage as we embark on the Circular Fashion exploratory trip illuminating the inventive spirit in both the UK and Nigeria’s fashion industries. From the UK to Nigeria, we’re on a collaborative journey with all stakeholders and enthusiasts, weaving a trail of sustainable possibilities for the Circular Fashion Innovation Network.

– Chidubem Ejezie, Knowledge Transfer Manager – Global Alliance Africa, Innovate UK

Follow us on this transformative journey as we connect the UK and Nigeria’s manufacturers, designers and retailers and share with you the exciting opportunities together as we ensure that #FashionComesFullCircle! 

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