Join the digital revolution: Innovate UK seeks public input for international collaboration on digital twins

Posted on: 30/08/2023

Innovate UK, the UK government’s innovation agency, is embarking on an exciting new initiative to accelerate the development of digital twins around the world. (Digital twins are a model of an asset or a system with a two-way information flow).

To ensure the success of this venture, Innovate UK is reaching out to the public to gather valuable insights through a comprehensive survey. By participating in this survey, you will have the opportunity to shape the future of digital twin innovation and contribute to international collaboration efforts.

International Collaboration for Innovation

Innovate UK recognises the importance of international collaboration in driving innovation and ensuring that digital twin technology benefits people across the globe. By expanding their collaboration efforts, Innovate UK aims to foster partnerships and knowledge exchange among countries to unlock the full potential of digital twins.

Have a Voice in Shaping the Future

Your input is crucial in helping Innovate UK identify the countries and areas where collaboration is most needed for digital twin innovation. By completing the survey, you will provide valuable insights that will guide Innovate UK in deciding the focus areas and countries for collaboration. This is your chance to make an impact and contribute to the development of innovative solutions that can positively transform industries and societies.

How to Participate

Have your say by simply clicking the link below and completing the survey. Don’t miss this chance to shape the future of digital twins international collaboration. Please note: this survey has now closed.

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