HydroGenerally - Episode 2: Where should Hydrogen be used?

Posted on: 04/04/2022

With our first episode introducing how hydrogen is produced, we now delve into where it will be most effective in decarbonising energy, industrial and chemical industries. We also look at relevant government policies and programs that ascertain the end use of H2.

The Innovate UK KTN Hydrogen Innovation Network is bringing you this second episode with Steffan Eldred and Simon Buckley from Innovate UK KTN who continue their ‘back to basics’ approach and delve deeper to understand where hydrogen should be used with their special guest Joanna Richart, Head of Hydrogen Business at Ricardo. As with any technology or fuel, discussions can get carried away, implying they are the solution to all things, but at Innovate UK KTN, we strongly believe that we should ensure hydrogen is used where it can be most effective for decarbonising energy, industrial and chemical industries.


Steffan Eldred | Knowledge Transfer Manager – Energy & Infrastructure

Simon Buckley | Knowledge Transfer Manager – Zero Emission Mobility

Joanna Richart | head of Hydrogen Business – Ricardo


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Click here to read the episode 2 transcript.

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