HydroGenerally Podcast Series

Posted on: 21/03/2022
HydroGenerally Podcast Series

For researchers, scientists, industry stakeholders or end-users, Hydrogen has been one of the hottest topics of the past decade. However, some of the applications, opportunities and challenges still generate strong debate. Therefore, the Hydrogen Innovation Network is delighted to share with you: HydroGenerally – a podcast series that is giving a voice to explore the applications, opportunities and challenges of the hydrogen economy, in a series of 20-minute discussions led by Innovate UK KTN’s experts in Hydrogen, Steffan Eldred and Simon Buckley. Each episode covers a specific topic with one or two select experts.

Whether you are either a beginner or an expert in Hydrogen, we hope you will find this series interesting, and it will help you to reflect or maybe open the discussion.

Either way, if you wish to contact our team, we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about it. We hope you enjoy the series! Please feel free to share this with your network.


EPISODE 1: The colours of hydrogen 

How is hydrogen currently produced? How will it be produced in the future? How will it fit in with the energy system? These are the key questions that we will look at in our first podcast including a simple key to understand all the different colours of hydrogen.

Guest: Sam French – Business Development Director at Johnson Matthey

Access the Episode 1 transcript


EPISODE 2: Where should Hydrogen be used?

In our first episode we heard about how hydrogen is produced, we now delve into where it will be most effective in decarbonisation. We look at relevant government policies and programs that ascertain the end use of hydrogen.

Guest: Joanna Richart – Head of Hydrogen business at Ricardo

Access the episode 2 transcript.



EPISODE 3: Lift off for hydrogen in aviation

Now we have heard about how hydrogen is produced as well as where it should and could be used, in this episode we are diving into one of those specific sectors and looking into hydrogen in aviation.

Guest: Katy Milne – Head of Industrial Strategy at FlyZero

Access the episode 3 transcript.


EPISODE 4: Hydrogen in a global maritime industry: plain sailing or a rough ride?

Following our last episode focusing on the Aviation industry, in this episode we are moving onto the maritime sector, to speak about specific challenges related to decarbonisation.

Guest: Chester Lewis – Business Development Manager at Ryze Hydrogen

Access the episode 4 transcript.


EPISODE 5: Hydrogen for Glass production

In this fifth episode, we discuss how the glass industry is driving new hydrogen developments and research and explore the hydrogen transition opportunities and challenges in this sector.

Guest: Rob Ireson – Innovation and Partnerships Manager at Glass Futures Ltd.

Access the episode 5 transcript.


Episode 6: Waste to Hydrogen

In this sixth episode, we discuss why converting waste to hydrogen is so important, and explore the hydrogen transition opportunities and challenges in this sector

Guest: Rob Dent, Senior Research Engineer – Energy Linde and Application Sales Engineer at BOC UK & Ireland.

Access the episode 6 transcript.


Episode 7: Hydrogen for Heat

In this episode, we discuss why using hydrogen to generate heat is so important, and explore the hydrogen economy opportunities and challenges within this sector, with special guest Jeff House, Head of External Affairs, Baxi Boilers.

Access the episode 7 transcript.


Episode 8: Hydrogen for Combustion

In this episode, we talk about hydrogen combustion with special guest Duncan Engeham, European Research and Development Director at Cummins Inc.

Access the Episode 8 transcript.


Episode 9: Nuclear Hydrogen

In this episode, Debra Jones, Chemistry Knowledge Transfer Manager and Ray Chegwin, Nuclear Knowledge Transfer Manager from Innovate UK KTN, talk about nuclear uses for hydrogen with special guest Allan Simpson, Technical Lead at the National Nuclear Laboratory.

Access the episode 9 transcript.


Episode 10: Green Hydrogen Production

In this episode of the podcast, Debra Jones, Chemistry Knowledge Transfer Manager and Simon Buckley, Zero Emission Mobility Knowledge Transfer Manager from Innovate UK KTN, talk about green hydrogen production with their special guest  Chris Jackson, CEO & Founder at Protium.

This podcast discussion centres around methods of producing clean hydrogen from renewable energy sources, the innovative projects Protium is working on and how much green hydrogen will the UK produce by 2030 and beyond.

Click here to access the transcript.

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